Anasis 2 (K-MilSat-1) - Falcon 9 (B1058.2)- CCAFS SLC-40 - 20.07.2020, 21:30 UTC

Автор tnt22, 09.06.2020 23:02:34

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Цитата Matt @Booster_Buddies 52 мин. назад

The triumphant twins make history with the first ever double recovery, breaking yet once again, another milestone for @SpaceX

 Miguel Cruz @eg0911 55 мин. назад

Ms. Tree and Ms. Chief have returned to Port Canaveral. Both fairing look intact under the tarps. No foam sacks visible on deck. #SpaceX #SpaceXFleet

 Kyle Montgomery @Kyle_M_Photo 42 мин. назад

A shot of Ms. Tree and Ms. Chief back and docked at Port Canaveral with their successfully caught fairings. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX @SpaceXFleet

 Jon Van Horne @therealjonvh 41 мин. назад

#GoMsTree and #GoMsChief are now birthed in with 2 fairing halves, each nestled on their sterns. Welcome back girls! And well done on the double catch out in the Atlantic for #ANASIS2 mission launch by #SpaceX #SpaceXFleet

 Stephen Marr @spacecoast_stve 22 мин. назад

Two catchers, two fairing halves!

Ms Tree and Ms Chief are back after their first ever double catch!


Цитата Cosmic Perspective @considercosmos 2 ч. назад

Welcome home fairing catchers!
Congratulations @SpaceX on the first double catch! 🎉
0.5 + 0.5 = 1.0 ☑️

#SpaceX #SpaceXFleet (1:07)


Цитата Julia @julia_bergeron 1 ч. назад

The fairing halves were just offloaded and appear to have already left Port Canaveral to be processed at the SpaceX facility on Cape. Mission accomplished.


Цитата Gavin - @SpaceXFleet 53 мин. назад

Just Read the Instructions droneship is tracking towards an arrival at Port Canaveral on Friday morning. Subject to change.


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Цитата: undefined SpaceX @SpaceX 1 ч. назад

Videos of yesterday's catch of both fairing halves (0:16)

1 ч. назад (0:17)
Как тебе такое, Дмитрий Олегович? ;)
Дмитрий Олегович теперь будет рассказывать, что на новой многоразовой Ангаре створки тоже будут ловить - специальными батутами.  ;D
Three, two, one, ignition, and liftoff !

Охотник утки, пьющий водки !

Это ещё не сверхтяж, но уже и не супертяж.© Д.О.Р.


И про батут он не просто так говорил, а знал!
В России "патриот" - это самоназвание реакционно-консервативных сил и националистов.
Самоназвание это содержит прямой намек на то, что все остальные (которые не) - "ненавидят свою Родину".
Примитивная такая семантическая манипуляция. Но прекрасно работает, да.(c)vlad7308


Цитата Trevor Mahlmann @TrevorMahlmann 1 ч. назад

I spy with my little eye...

Somethiiiing tall, on a ship Ракета #falcon9 #anasis2

57 мин. назад

Falcon 9 and JRTI hanging out pre-dawn below Venus

 Kyle Montgomery @Kyle_M_Photo 47 мин. назад

JRTI is already very close offshore. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX @SpaceXFleet

 Trevor Mahlmann @TrevorMahlmann 36 мин. назад

Tug Lauren Foss has maneuvered to the east side of the droneship, now facing away from @PortCanaveral. Beautiful sunrise happening as well Сияющее солнце

 Gavin - @SpaceXFleet 34 мин. назад

The Canaveral pilot boat is coming out, which is a good sign despite the fact JRTI is currently making a bizarre loop...




Цитата Brandon M. Wynn @HoverSlamPhoto 18 мин. назад

B.1058 : The Return....again...

@SpaceXFleet teams in Port Canaveral have successfully returned home the historic Falcon 9 🚀 which delivered @AstroBehnken & @Astro_Doug to the ISS earlier this year.

Recovered again earlier this week after supporting the ANASIS-II Mission 🇰🇷

Julia @julia_bergeron 3 мин. назад

The hat trick mission is complete. Two fairing halves and B1058.2 have returned to Port Canaveral after breaking the reusability record held by Shuttle Atlantis. It was a mere 51 days between DM-1 and the launch of Anasis 2. #SpaceXFleet #JRTI



Цитата Ken Kremer @ken_kremer 36 мин. назад

Fairing boats that caught 2 nose Cone halves 1st time -  beside just arrived booster 7am from #spacex #AnasisII launch jul 20 - more scorched now! Berthing pier 8 am

 Kyle Montgomery @Kyle_M_Photo 22 мин. назад

Looks like they have a foil cover of some kind on the spot they normally make connections to the booster. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX @SpaceXFleet

 Julia @julia_bergeron 4 мин. назад

The cherry pickers are being loaded onto JRTI to begin the leg retraction process. #SpaceXFleet

 Kyle Montgomery @Kyle_M_Photo 3 мин. назад

A boom lift is airborne, they are going to retract the legs while on board JRTI. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX @SpaceXFleet


Цитата Julia @julia_bergeron 15 мин. назад

The Meatball and Worm live on past DM-2. #SpaceX #B1058


Цитата Kyle Montgomery @Kyle_M_Photo 23 мин. назад

The cap is on top of the booster, but the lines to lift the legs are still up. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX

12 мин. назад

The crane has disconnected from the cap. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX


Цитата Kyle Montgomery @Kyle_M_Photo 27 мин. назад

Some workers have been lifted up to the top of the booster with the crain. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX

8 мин. назад

They were working on something on the side of the cap, they are back on the ground now. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX

17 с. назад

With the people safely back on the ground they have reattached the cap connector to the crane. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX


Цитата Stephen Marr @spacecoast_stve ·1 ч. назад

That's one leg up.

37 мин. назад

Now 2 legs up...

(Keep in mind this could actually be the 3rd leg up. I can't see if the one on the other side is up or down.)

 Kyle Montgomery @Kyle_M_Photo 28 мин. назад

The third or possibly four leg is going up. We can't see the back of the booster to know the back legs status. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX

 Stephen Marr @spacecoast_stve 21 мин. назад

One more leg up. I think this is actually the last leg to go up. I'm pretty sure they started with the leg opposite from where I am. We shall see. If I'm right, B1058 may be going horizontal soon.


Цитата Trevor Mahlmann @TrevorMahlmann 1 ч. назад

As the NASA worm logo peeks around the side of B1058.2, the 4th and final landing leg has been raised here at @PortCanaveral. She'll soon be lowered to horizontal and transported back onto Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for post-flight processing



Цитата Gavin - @SpaceXFleet 3 ч. назад

A busy day ends at Port Canaveral - All four landing legs have been stowed but Falcon 9 will remain vertical until tomorrow.

ЦитатаFalcon 9 Leg Retraction - B1058.2 NASA Worm Booster


27 июл. 2020 г. (0:52)



Цитата Kyle Montgomery @Kyle_M_Photo 6 ч. назад

B1058.2 horizon and ready for transport on base sometime tommorow. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX


Цитата Kyle Montgomery @Kyle_M_Photo 2 ч. назад

B1058.2 is no longer on the dockside and was moved on base. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX