Perseverance (Mars 2020 rover) -- Atlas V 541 -- Canaveral -- июль 2020

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Цитата John Kraus @johnkrausphotos 1 ч. назад

Shot from ~5,000 feet above the Cocoa Beach area in a Cessna 172. This airspace was not affected by the launch. Thanks to my pilot, Scott, for the ride!

Цитата Supercluster @SuperclusterHQ 1 ч. назад

The launch of the @ulalaunch Atlas V rocket with @NASAPersevere from Florida's beautiful Space Coast

Shot from the air by @johnkrausphotos



Цитата Simon Proud @simon_sat 2 ч

Cool, the @NOAASatellites GOES-16 satellite caught the smoke trail from this morning's #Perseverance Mars launch from Florida!
You can see it in the middle of this video. (0:02)


ЦитатаPerseverance 'Calls Home' to Confirm Mars is the Next Stop

James Cawley
Posted Jul 30, 2020 at 9:34 am

Today's final critical milestone -- acquisition of signal -- has been achieved. In essence, Perseverance has phoned home to let us know it's officially on the way to Mars.

"This signifies that JPL's (NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory) deep space network has locked on to the spacecraft, which is on its journey to Mars," said NASA Launch Manager Omar Baez, from the agency's Launch Services Program. "Everything appears to be going nominally. Today's count went beautifully."

NASA Television and the agency's website will broadcast a post-launch news conference, beginning at 11:30 a.m. Participants include NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine; NASA Associate Administrator Thomas Zurbuchen; Lori Glaze, Planetary Science Division director, NASA HQ; Matt Wallace, deputy project manager, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Omar Baez, launch director, NASA's Launch Services Program; and Tory Bruno, United Launch Alliance CEO. We will provide a wrapup from that news conference here, at


Цитата07/30/2020 17:54 Stephen Clark

NASA reports the Mars 2020 spacecraft with the Perseverance rover is healthy on the way to Mars. But there's been some delay in establishment a two-way communications link with the spacecraft as it speeds away from Earth.

This is expected to be resolved by reconfiguring ground stations to match the spacecraft's signal strength.


Цитата Jonathan McDowell @planet4589 3 ч. назад

Here is the planned departure track from the Earth-Moon system (GSE coordinates)


Началась трансляция "Mars 2020 Perseverance post-launch news conference" -


Цитата Trevor Mahlmann @TrevorMahlmann 2 ч. назад



Цитата NASA @NASA 10 мин. назад

Next stop, Mars!

"I did just get a text that we were able to lock up on that telemetry... and so we'll be starting to get some information on spacecraft and spacecraft health very soon" shares @NASAPersevere deputy project manager Matt Wallace. #CountdownToMars (0:22)


Цитата William Harwood @cbs_spacenews 32 мин. назад

A5/Mars2020: The Deep Space Network page now shows  Perseverance data coming down at the Goldstone, California, ground station

22 мин. назад

A5/Mars2020: Perseverance deputy project manager Matt Wallace confirms the DSN has now locked onto telemetry from the spacecraft; health update expected shortly; in the meantime, the spacecraft is on course, very stable with good power

14 мин. назад

A5/Mars2020: Wallace says initial telemetry readout will take another 30 minutes to an hour; health update expected shortly thereafter


Цитата NASA @NASA 16 мин. назад

"The spacecraft is really designed to operate in space. That's where it's happiest."

@NASAPersevere deputy project manager Matt Wallace and the rest of the team expresses relief that the spacecraft is successfully en route to the Red Planet. #CountdownToMars (0:35)


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Цитата NASA @NASA 14 мин. назад

"I think all of America is very proud and excited about this mission and the ones that, in fact, came before it, and the ones that are operating on Mars today."

Administrator @JimBridenstine discusses the @NASAMars missions that have made today's #CountdownToMars possible: (1:16)


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Цитата NASA @NASA 13 мин. назад

"I could not be more proud and more humbled by the courage and dedication of my launch team."

Tory Bruno, President & CEO of @ULALaunch, explains how the spacecraft was kept clean and powered leading up to the #CountdownToMars -- despite the challenges of a global pandemic: (1:25)


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Цитата NASA @NASA 12 мин. назад

"This is going to be our first-ever demonstration of powered flight on another planet."

Planetary Science Director Lori Glaze explains how the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter accompanying @NASAPersevere is going to shape future @NASAMars missions. #CountdownToMars (1:31)


Цитата NASA @NASA 11 мин. назад

"You want to be a rocket scientist? This is what we do. We're not scoring holes in one all the time."

@Dr_ThomasZ explains the dedication and commitment required to take @NASAPersevere to the Red Planet. #CountdownToMars (1:12)


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Цитата NASA @NASA 11 мин. назад

"I think there would be no bigger discovery in the history of humanity than finding life that is not on our own world."

@JimBridenstine & @Dr_ThomasZ discuss how they would be impacted if @NASAPersevere successfully finds signs of ancient life on the Red Planet. #CountdownToMars (1:57)


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Цитата NASA @NASA 10 мин. назад

"You add all of the adversity in a project like this and put on top of it the coronavirus... we could not be more proud of what this integrated team was able to pull off."

Administrator @JimBridenstine explains the success of launching @NASAPersevere amidst the global pandemic. (0:48)


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Цитата: undefined NASA @NASA 10 мин. назад

"It was truly a team effort... but it was not easy. A lot of our workforce has been working from home."

Planetary Science Director Lori Glaze explains the challenges our teams faced in order to successfully launch @NASAPersevere. #CountdownToMars (1:28)


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ЦитатаAfter the Launch: Perseverance Mars Rover Update


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1 45983U 20052A   20212.56905538 -.00000119  00000-0  00000+0 0  9997
2 45983  32.2087 317.6209 0065000 265.1078 118.6367  1.42484766    16

1 45984U 20052B   20212.57736904 -.00000062  00000-0  00000+0 0  9995
2 45984  69.7373 332.3922 0065000 250.3442 134.2527  2.66257239    08

45983 / 2020-052A : 26765 x 27198 km x 32.209°, 1010.63 min, 2020-07-30 13:39:26
45984 / 2020-052B : 15468 x 15754 km x 69.737°,   540.82 min, 2020-07-30 13:51:24