Lunar Crater Radio Telescope

Автор Дмитрий Виницкий, 17.04.2021 11:52:47

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Дмитрий Виницкий

ЦитатаAmong the projects is the development of the Lunar Crater Radio Telescope (LCRT), an ultra-long wavelength radio telescope that could collect radio waves from space and amplify them so they could be analyzed by researchers. 
The lunar telescope would work similarly to the Arecibo telescope that collapsed in Puerto Rico in December and has been shut down permanently. The iconic Arecibo had made key astronomical discoveries over several decades, including observations of pulsars and assessments of near-Earth objects such as asteroids and comets. It was the largest observatory of its time until 2016 when China erected the Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST). 
The LCRT would be built in an existing crater just as the Arecibo was built, but would have a number of advantages over any similar Earth-bound observatory.