GPS III SV04 - Falcon 9 (B1062.1) - CCAFS SLC-40 - NET 11.2020 TBD UTC

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Цитата Falcon 9 Block 5 @Falcon9Block5 21 мин. назад

As predicted, F9 will be rolled back into the hangar for repair to its engine or engines that were affected during the launch abort.


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Цитата10/07/2020 02:00 Stephen Clark

After an aborted launch at T-minus 2 seconds Friday night, SpaceX has lowered the Falcon 9 rocket for the U.S. Space Force's GPS 3 SV04 mission horizontal at Cape Canaveral's Complex 40 launch pad for return to a nearby hangar.

SpaceX engineers in the hangar are expected to inspect the rocket and fix the problem that triggered a hold in the countdown Friday night just as the Falcon 9 rocket began its engine ignition sequence.

Elon Musk, SpaceX's founder and CEO, tweeted that an "unexpected pressure rise in the turbomachinery gas generator" caused the abort, referring to a component in the Falcon 9's Merlin main engines.

SpaceX hasn't set a new target launch date for the mission, which was set to carry a GPS navigation satellite into orbit for the Space Force. The company proceeded with the launch of a different Falcon 9 rocket Tuesday from nearby pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, successfully deploying 60 more Starlink internet satellites.

SpaceX also appears to have recalled its "Just Read The Instructions" drone ship back to Florida's Space Coast from its position in the Atlantic Ocean northeast of Cape Canaveral. The vessel was on station for landing of the Falcon 9 booster after launching the GPS satellite.

The lowering of the Falcon 9 rocket on its launch pad and return of the drone ship to Port Canaveral suggest, at a minimum, the GPS launch won't happen within the next week.


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Цитата Gavin - @SpaceXFleet 6 ч. назад

It would appear that SpaceX is standing down the droneship for the GPS mission and recalling it to Port Canaveral.

Tug Hawk and Just Read the Instructions droneship got underway from the LZ shortly after the Starlink mission earlier today.


Согласно свежевыпущенному сборнику уведомлений Береговой охраны США (стр. 6)

ЦитатаATLANTIC OCEAN - FLORIDA - CAPE CANAVERAL (Update: October 5, 2020).

Eastern Range OP X0152 FALCON 9 GPS III-4 will be conducting hazardous operations surface to unlimited within portions of Warning Areas W497A, W497B, W137F/G, W138E, W139E/F, W122 and the following Hazard Areas:

A. From 2836 24.03N 8035 32.49W
TO 2856N 8013W
TO 2854N 8010W
TO 2841N 8020W
TO 2835N 8026W
TO 2830 34.62N 8033 04.68W to beginning

B. From 3203N 7700W
TO 3400N 7528W
TO 3409N 7438W
TO 3342N 7403W
TO 3307N 7431W
TO 3153N 7648W to beginning.

Hazard periods for primary launch day and backup launch days;

Primary launch day: TBD
Backup launch day: TBD

LNM: 40/20
06 October 2020
на текущий момент пуск переведён в статус TBD (время и дата не определены)...


Флот пока вернулся на базу...

Цитата Julia @julia_bergeron 12 ч. назад

Hello there Hawk and JRTI! Good to see them back in the safe harbor of Port Canaveral. The journey was slow and radio chatter revealed Hawk was having engine problems. Hopefully they can address it before the next run of missions. #SpaceXFleet #JRTI

Фотоаппарат : @NASASpaceflight FleetCam

11 ч. назад

Did someone order wings? It is dinner time after all. The view from FleetCam
@RustysInThePort as they were approaching the north pier shows off the deck extensions quite nicely as well as just how high the engine containers are stacked. #JRTI

Фотоаппарат @NASASpaceflight FleetCam

 Jeff Sheehan- MSM MSF | Mktg Consultant | Speaker @jeffsheehan 11 ч. назад

What a pleasant surprise and thrill it was to see the SpaceX  Marmac 303 landing platform for the 1st stage rockets being towed into Cape Canaveral tonight. #SpaceX #Rockets #PortCanaveral #CapeCanaveral #KennedySpaceCenter #Marmac303

ЦитатаПеренос запуска миссии Crew-1: старт состоится не ранее начала ноября
"Запуск миссии NASA SpaceX Crew-1 на МКС ​​теперь нацелен не раньше, чем на начало-середину ноября, что даст SpaceX дополнительное время для завершения тестирования оборудования и анализа данных нестандартного поведения газогенератора двигателя Merlin ракеты Falcon 9, наблюдаемого во время недавней попытки запуска миссии GPS III SV04", - заявили в NASA.
"Команды активно работают над вопросом по двигателю, и мы должны получить все данные в течение ближайшей недели" - сказала Кэти Людерс, помощник директора NASA по пилотируемым миссиям агентства...


Цитата Jeff Foust @jeff_foust 1 ч. назад

At the Sentinel-6 briefing, NASA's Tim Dunn says launch preparations on a Falcon 9 are going "incredibly well"; still scheduled for Nov. 10.

1 ч. назад

Dunn says the engine investigation after the Falcon 9 abort 2 weeks ago is ongoing, including taking the engines from that vehicle back to McGregor for testing; there is a "path forward" for any rework needed for the Sentinel-6 launch while keeping the Nov. 10 launch date.


Цитата Michael Baylor @nextspaceflight 6 ч. назад

The GPS III-4 spacecraft is being returned to its processing facility while SpaceX investigates an issue with the mission's Falcon 9 launch vehicle. Do not expect another launch attempt in October.

Цитата justin @goaliebear88 7 ч. назад

#SpaceX @SpaceX Gps 3 on the move again off to Astrotech she needs a recharge. Dont look good for a launch soon



Цитата Kathy Lueders @KathyLueders 55 мин. назад

We are making a lot of good progress with @SpaceX on engine testing to better understand the unexpected behavior observed during a recent non-NASA launch. (1/5)

55 мин. назад

It's too early to report findings at this point, as @SpaceX continues testing to validate what's believed to be the most credible cause. (2/5)

54 мин. назад

Based on our current analysis, @SpaceX is replacing one Merlin engine on the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich launch vehicle and one engine for Crew-1 rocket that displayed similar early-start behavior during testing. (3/5)

54 мин. назад

We are still targeting the Sentinel-6 launch for Nov. 10 from Vandenberg Air Force Base as we expect to complete forward work in time. (4/5)

54 мин. назад

We are also still working towards a mid-November launch for Crew-1. We will want a few days between Sentinel-6 and Crew-1 to complete data reviews and check performance. Most importantly, we will fly all our missions when we are ready. (5/5) #LaunchAmerica