Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort Test - Falcon 9 - KSC LC-39A - NET 18.01.2020

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A Falcon 9 rocket was moved to launch pad 39A overnight in readiness for a static fire of its first stage engines. It is being readied for an inflight test of the Crew Dragon abort system later this month.

Касимов О.


А аборт-тест Старлайнера был на Атласе?  :oops: 
1. Ангара - единственная в истории новая РН которая хуже старой. (с) Старый Ламер
2. Главное назначение Ангары и Восточного - выкачать из бюджета максимум денег.
3. Фалкон-9 длиннее и толще чем  УРМ-1
4. Зато у Роскосмоса тоннели длиннее и толще чем у Маска
5. Было стыдно и весело (с) Hiroo


ЦитироватьСтарый написал:
А аборт-тест Старлайнера был на Атласе?    
Нет и не будет.

Astro Cat

ЦитироватьСтарый написал:
А аборт-тест Старлайнера был на Атласе?    
"И так сойдет!" (с) )))

Они вон через 3 недели... начали формировать комиссию... по изучению итогов первого полета...

Глядишь через годик-другой все исследуют и вот тогда... 


Цитировать Julia‏ @julia_bergeron 1 ч. назад

B1046 4 is basking in the sun at LC-39A. Static fire ahead of the IFA test is expected tomorrow, January 10th. Viewed from Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. #SpaceX #IFA



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Launch hazard area issued for 01/18 #SpaceX Crew Dragon in-flight abort test. In effect from 0600 to 1230 ET (1100 to 1730 UTC). Liftoff from KSC's pad 39A.


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Word is that the Falcon 9 static fire ahead of Crew Dragon's Inflight Abort Test is set for tomorrow (Jan. 11). The eight hour window opens at 10 am local time.


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The #SpaceX #Falcon9 Booster 1046 has supported three prior launches: Bangabandhu (05/18), Merah Putin (08/18, shown here), & SSO (12/18). 1046.4 will mark its fourth & final mission, supporting the goals of @NASA @CommercialCrew Program.


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I and @TGMetsFan98 are on site to bring you a livestream of today's static fire of the #Falcon9 ahead of its In Flight Abort test next Saturday.

Will have link and stream start time soon. (Stream quality will be better than this iPhone pic.) @NASASpaceflight


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Venting from the Falcon 9 rocket at launch pad 39A suggests SpaceX is gearing up for a static fire test around 1010am EST (1510 GMT). SpaceX is performing this test-firing in advance of a Crew Dragon abort test launch next Saturday.






Цитировать01/11/2020 18:08 Stephen Clark

The strongback umbilical tower at pad 39A is retracting into position for engine start, suggesting the hold-down firing of the Falcon 9 rocket's nine first stage Merlin engines remains on track for 10:10 a.m. EST (1510 GMT).

This firing will last several seconds as the rocket ramps up to 1.7 million pounds of thrust, while hold-down restraints keep the Falcon 9 on the ground.




Цитировать01/11/2020 18:11 Stephen Clark

A plume of rocket exhaust over the launch pad suggests the Falcon 9 rocket's Merlin engines ignited at 10:10 a.m. EST (1510 GMT). We'll stand by for confirmation from SpaceX of a successful test.


ЦитироватьSpaceX In-Flight Abort Static Fire Live Jan 11 2020


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