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Цитата: undefinedRocket Lab @RocketLab
The 'Without Mission a Beat' launch for BlackSky was originally scheduled to launch first in mid-Feb, but to accommodate shifting customer timelines we've swapped the order and BlackSky will now launch after. This kind of flexibility is why we operate our own private launch site!
"Были когда-то и мы рысаками!!!"


Цитата: undefinedNext Mission: The Owl's Night Continues

Mission Name  The Owl's Night Continues
Rocket  Electron
Electron Name  The Owl's Night Continues

Launch Window  NET February 27, 2022 UTC
Launch Time  20:35 UTC
Launch Site  Launch Complex 1
"Были когда-то и мы рысаками!!!"


ЦитироватьTOKYO, 2022, February 22th – Synspective Inc., a SAR satellite data and related solutions provider, announced today that the launch schedule of its second SAR Satellite "StriX-β" had been changed as followed.

Launch Date (New)   February 28th, 2022 (UTC) / March 1st, 2022(JST)
Launch Time      20:35 (UTC) / 5:35 AM (JST)
Launch Window      2 weeks from Feb 27th (UTC)


№ - Date/Time(UTC) - Rocket  - Launch Site - Satellite(s)
01 - February 28 (20:37) - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1B (NZ) - 24th mission "The Owl's Night Continues" : StriX-β
02 - April 2 (12:41:38) - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1A (NZ) - 25th mission "Without Mission A Beat" : BlackSky-16 (BlackSky Global-18 Gen-2), BlackSky-17 (BlackSky Global-19 Gen-2)

Date/Time(UTC) - Rocket - Launch Site - Satellite(s)

April 19 - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1A (NZ) - 26th mission "There and Back Again" : AuroraSat-1, BRO-6, Copia, E-space 1, E-space 2, E-space 3, MyRadar-1, SpaceBEE (x24), TRSI-2, TRSI-3, Unicorn-2
NET March 19  Spring   May 3-15 - Electron/Photon Lunar - LC-1 (NZ) - CAPSTONE
NET    April   May - Electron/Kick Stage - TBD - OTB 3 (Argos-4)
  Spring   NET May - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1A (NZ) - NROL-162: RASR-3 mission
  Spring   NET May - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1B (NZ) - NROL-199: RASR-4 mission
Midyear - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - ACS-3 (Advanced Composite Solar Sail System)
TBD - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - BlackSky Global Gen-2 (х2) (TBD)
TBD - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - BlackSky Global Gen-2 (х2) (TBD)
TBD - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - StriX-1
TBD - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-2 (US) - TBD

  H1   Q2 - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - WOODSAT
Q2 - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1A (NZ) - E-space sat (x3)
Q2 - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - AuroraSat-1, Unicorn-2, TRSI-2, TRSI-3, MyRadar-1

TBD - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - McNair
TBD - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - SMOG-2

Q2 - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - Kinéis (x5)
NET Q2 - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - Kinéis (x5)
NET Q2 - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - Kinéis (x5)
NET Q2 - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - Kinéis (x5)
NET Q2 - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - Kinéis (x5)
Late - Electron/Photon LEO - LC-1 (NZ) [TBD] - LOXSAT 1
TBD - Electron/Photon Venus - LC-1 (NZ) - NZSA Venus mission
TBD - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - ADRAS-J
TBD - Electron/Kick Stage - LC-1 (NZ) - StriX-2

TBD - Neutron - MARS LP-0A (US) - first flight

Date/Time(UTC) - Rocket  - Launch Site - Satellite(s)

TBD - Electron/Photon LEO - TBD - LOXSAT 1
TBD - Electron/Kick Stage - TBD - Dove / Flock-z (x20-25)
TBD - Electron/Kick Stage - TBD - Dove / Flock-z (x20-25)

LC-1A, LC-1B (NZ) - launch site on the Mahia Peninsula on the North Island (Te Ika-a-Māui) of New Zealand
LC-2 (US) - launch site on Wallops at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport in Virginia  U.S.

Launches:  25 (LC-1A - 24, LC-1B - 1)
Satellites: 112 (LC-1A - 111, LC-1B - 1)

Changes on February 22nd
Changes on February 25th
Changes on February 28th
Changes on March 6th
Changes on March 22nd
Changes on March 24th
Changes on April 1st
Changes on April 2nd
Changes on April 4th
Changes on April 7th
Changes on April 8th
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Цитата: undefinedJeff Foust @jeff_foust
Rocket Lab says its upcoming Electron launch, now scheduled for Feb. 28 (GMT), will be the first to use a new, second pad at Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand.
Цитата: undefinedbusinesswire.com
Rocket Lab Officially Opens Third Launch Pad, First Mission Scheduled to Launch Within a Week
Rocket Lab USA, Inc (Nasdaq: RKLB) ("Rocket Lab" or "the Company"), a global leader in launch and space systems, today announced the completion of its
3:51 PM · 23 февр. 2022 г.·Tweetbot for Mac
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ЦитироватьLONG BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Rocket Lab USA, Inc. (Nasdaq: RKLB) ("Rocket Lab" or "the Company"), a global leader in launch services and space systems, today announced that it has been awarded a subcontract by MDA Ltd (TSX: MDA), a leading provider of advanced technology and services to the rapidly expanding global space industry, to lead the design and manufacture of 17 spacecraft buses for Globalstar's new Low Earth Orbit satellites. Globalstar, Inc. (NYSE American: GSAT) is a leading provider of Mobile Satellite Services including customizable satellite IoT solutions for individuals and businesses globally.

Rocket Lab will lead the development of the spacecraft buses, while MDA will act as prime contractor to manufacture Globalstar's satellites, lead the development of the payload, and perform the final satellite assembly, integration, and test. The partnership between Rocket Lab and MDA brings together two of the space industry's most innovative satellite companies. The total initial contract value for Rocket Lab is US$143 million, with options to provide the satellite operations control center, launch dispensers, launch integration, and up to nine additional spacecraft with flexibility in timing to order such spacecraft. The satellites will integrate with and replenish Globalstar's current constellation, ensuring service continuity. Globalstar expects to launch the satellites by the end of 2025.
Если правильно понял, изготовление и запуск 17 спутников Globalstar до 2025 года.


ЦитироватьRocket Lab@RocketLab
Welcome to launch day for "The Owl's Night Continues", a dedicated launch for @Synspective!
Target lift-off:
🚀UTC | 20:37, Feb 28
🚀NZDT | 09:37, Mar 1
🚀JST | 05:37, Mar 1
🚀EST | 15:37, Feb 28
🚀PST | 12:37, Feb 28


ЦитироватьLong Beach, California. March 21, 2021 – Rocket Lab USA, Inc. ("Rocket Lab" or the "Company") (Nasdaq: RKLB), a global leader in launch services, space systems and space solar power products, announced today it will launch three demonstration satellites for E-Space, to validate the systems and technology for its satellite system.

The satellites are scheduled to fly as part of a rideshare mission on Rocket Lab's Electron launch vehicle from Launch Complex 1 Pad A on New Zealand's Mahia Peninsula expected in the second quarter of 2022.
"Были когда-то и мы рысаками!!!"


Цитата: undefinedMission Name    Without Mission A Beat
Rocket    Electron
Electron Name    Without Mission A Beat

Launch Window    NET 1 April UTC
Launch Time    NET 12:35 UTC
Launch Site    Launch Complex 1
"Были когда-то и мы рысаками!!!"



ЦитироватьRocket Lab  @RocketLab
Onward to launch! We completed a successful rehearsal for our next mission with @SpaceflightInc & @BlackSky_Inc. Now targeting April 02 for launch to avoid bad weather.

Window opens:
🚀UTC | 12:10, April 02
🚀NZDT | 01:10, April 03
🚀EDT | 08:10, April 02
🚀PDT | 05:10, April 02


ЦитироватьRocket Lab  @RocketLab
The T-0 lift-off time for today's mission has been set! Electron will take to the skies for @spaceflightinc & @BlackSky_Inc  at 12:14 UTC.

Target T-0:
🚀UTC | 12:14, April 02
🚀NZDT | 01:14, April 03
🚀EDT | 08:14, April 02
🚀PDT | 05:14, April 02



ЦитироватьRocket Lab @RocketLab
Loading of liquid oxygen has begun as we get closer to lift-off. Slowly Electron is earning its white stripes as propellant loading on the inside freezes moisture on the outside.
UTC | 12:41, Apr 02
NZDT | 01:41, Apr 03
EDT | 08:41, Apr 02
PDT | 05:41, Apr 02
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ЦитироватьSpaceflight Now  @SpaceflightNow
Launch controllers at Rocket Lab have confirmed they are "go" to continue with the countdown for liftoff of an Electron rocket and two BlackSky imaging satellites.

Liftoff is set for exactly:
• 8:41:38am EDT
• 1241:38 GMT
• 1:41:38am New Zealand time


ЦитироватьThere and Back Again
Launch Time
NET Apr 19, 2022
For the first time, Rocket Lab will attempt a mid-air capture of Electron's first stage as it returns from space after launch.

Rocket  Electron/Curie
Vehicles  F26 1st Stage  Flight #1
Sikorsky S-92

Mission Details
There and Back Again
Electron will deploy 34 payloads from commercial operators Alba Orbital, Astrix Astronautics, Aurora Propulsion Technologies, E-Space, Unseenlabs, and Swarm Technologies via global launch services provider Spaceflight Inc.
Payloads: 34  Low Earth Orbit

Rocket Lab LC-1A, Māhia Peninsula, New Zealand


Цитата: Pirat5 от 06.04.2022 14:19:1734 спутника:
Цитата: undefinedBRO-6  6U  France  UnseenLabs
AuroraSat-1  1,5U  Finland  AuroraPT
TRSI-2,-3  2sats  1p  Germany  developed by My Radar
MyRadar-1  1p  Germany  developed by My Radar
Unicorn-2  3p?  UK?
E-Space  3sats
SpaceBEE 24sats  0,25U  USA
какие спутники принадлежат Alba Orbital и Astrix Astronautics - пока не понятно.
и с какого аппарата будут запускаться пикоспутники, - тоже


Цитата: undefinedThe multi-launch contract with HawkEye 360 will see Rocket Lab deliver 15 satellites (five clusters) to low Earth orbit across three Electron missions anticipated between late 2022 and 2024. Rocket Lab will first deploy three HawkEye 360 satellites as part of a rideshare mission, followed by six satellites each on two dedicated Electron launches.

The first HawkEye 360 mission is scheduled to launch from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 2 at Virginia Space's Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport within NASA's Wallops Flight Facility – a dedicated pad for Electron launches developed to support missions from U.S. soil for government and commercial customers. Encouraged by NASA's recent progress in certifying its Autonomous Flight Termination Unit (NAFTU) software, which is required to enable Electron launches from Virginia, Rocket Lab has scheduled the mission from Launch Complex 2 no earlier than December 2022.
"Были когда-то и мы рысаками!!!"


Цитировать  Rocket Lab  @RocketLab
Final helicopter capture tests are underway for #ThereAndBackAgain, but weather in the recovery zone is unfavorable over the coming days so we're targeting no earlier than April 27 UTC / April 28 NZT for launch. 🚀🪂🚁


ЦитироватьRocket Lab  @RocketLab
For our first mid-air helicopter capture, we want ideal weather conditions so we can focus on the catch. The forecast is evolving through the week, so we're now targeting no earlier than 28 April UTC (29 April NZST) for the launch of #ThereAndBackAgain.


ЦитироватьThere and Back Again
Launch Time
Fri Apr 29, 2022 22:35 UTC