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SMAP - Delta II 7320-10C - Vandenberg SLC-2W - 31.01.2015 - 14:22 UTC

Автор Salo, 18.10.2014 12:58:48

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Space Alien

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5:03 a.m. local (8:03 a.m. EST; 1303 GMT)
Loading of the Delta 2 rocket's first stage liquid oxygen tank has been accomplished. The process took 26 minutes today. The tank will be replenished through the countdown to replace the super-cold liquid oxygen that naturally boils away. 

And now the Delta 2 rocket stands fully fueled its launch of the SMAP spacecraft at 6:20 a.m. local (9:20 a.m. EST). The vehicle's first stage was already successfully loaded with RP-1 kerosene fuel. The second stage was filled with its storable nitrogen tetroxide and Aerozine 50 fuels earlier this week. And the three strap-on booster rockets are solid-propellant.

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ЦитатаThe GEO-CAPE ROIC In-Flight Performance Experiment (GRIFEX) is a 3U CubeSat developed by MXL that will perform engineering assessment of a JPL-developed all digital in-pixel high frame rate Read-Out Integrated Circuit (ROIC). Its high throughput capacity will enable the proposed Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events (GEO-CAPE) mission concept to make hourly high spatial and spectral resolution measurements of rapidly changing atmospheric chemistry and pollution with the Panchromatic Fourier Transform Spectrometer (PanFTS) instrument in development.

GRIFEX is the fifth satellite developed by the MXL research and student team. It is the third satellite development for JPL and NASA ESTO.

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ExoCube (CP-10) CubeSat

ЦитатаExoCube is a space weather satellite sponsored by the National Science Foundation. It's primary mission is to directly measure the density of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Helium and Nitrogen in the upper atmosphere. Cal Poly is designing the core satellite bus, while the scientific payload is supplied by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). The University of Wisconsin, Madison and Scientific Solutions, Inc. (SSI) are developing the scientific objectives and providing guidance for instrument development.

The ExoCube scientific payload includes a scientific instrument that is developed by NASA GSFC, in collaboration with University of Wisconsin, Madison, Scientific Solutions, Inc., and Cal Poly.  ExoCube will characterize [O], [H], [He], [N2], [O+], [H+], [He+], [NO+], and total ion density by taking in-situ measurements within the exosphere, while taking particular interest in orbital locations above various radio observatories.  ExoCube uses an active control system to point itself in the desired direction for measurements, and uses passive control to maintain this orientation.

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Немного статистики по данному пуску:
  • The 370th Delta rocket launch since 1960
  • The 235th Delta launch with NASA involvement
  • The 153rd Delta 2 rocket mission since 1989
  • The 12th Delta 2 to fly in the 7320 configuration
  • The 52nd Delta 2 mission overseen by NASA
  • The 43rd Delta 2 rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB
  • The 1st launch of the Delta family in 2015
  • The 2nd United Launch Alliance flight this year
  • The 93rd ULA launch overall

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ЦитатаSpaceflight Now ‏@SpaceflightNow  1m ago

Upper level winds "red" because of a wind shear at 34,000 feet. The launch of the Delta 2 and #SMAP otherwise go.

Виктор Воропаев

ЦитатаБезумный Шляпник пишет:
Третья зона - очевидно, под затопление второй ступени.

ЦитатаWill add extra burn for a controlled reentry for the stage for the first time on this launch of #SMAP on #DeltaII with 4 cubsats.

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ЦитатаULA ‏@ulalaunch  10 seconds ago

We are scrubbed for the day due to upper level winds. Setting up for 24-hour turnaround.

Виктор Воропаев

На Тихоокеании сегодня нелётный день.


Цитатаche wi пишет:
Пуск отложен.
Было бы удивительно, если бы они полетели вовремя!

Александр Ч.

ЦитатаESA Operations ‏@esaoperations  11 мин.11 минут назад
Показать перевод

MT @NASA Launch of @NASASMAP postponed due to wind. Now set for 15:20CET tmmrw TV starts 13CET http://www.nasa.gov/smap 
Ad calendas graecas


Пуск 31 января в 17:20:42-17:23:42 ДМВ.
"Были когда-то и мы рысаками!!!"


ЦитатаNASA's SMAP Launch Delayed 24 Hours for Rocket Repair
by Dan Leone -- January 30, 2015
WASHINGTON -- Launch of NASA's Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite has again been another 24 hours, this time because of an issue with the satellite's Delta 2 rocket, launch provider United Launch Alliance announced late Thursday (Jan. 29).
This is the second scrub this week for SMAP, which had to stand down Thursday morning because of high winds in the upper atmosphere. Launch from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base is now scheduled for Saturday at 6:20 a.m.local time (9:20 a.m. Eastern ).
ULA said some of the insulating material in the Delta 2 booster stage, which keeps the rocket's liquid oxygen oxidizer chilled at the cryogenic temperatures required for launch, had essentially come unglued.
"During inspections following the Jan. 29 launch attempt, minor debonds to the booster insulation were identified" ULA wrote in a statement on its website. "These insulation debonds are associated with cryogenic conditions experienced during tanking operations and a standard repair will be implemented."
SMAP is headed to a 685 kilometer near-polar sun-synchronous orbit to observe the moisture level of soil around the globe to a depth of five centimeters over a three-year primary mission.
A worker is seen Jan. 28 preparing the launch gantry to be rolled back from the Delta 2 rocket with NASA's SMAP observatory onboard, at Vandenberg's Space Launch Complex 2. Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
"Были когда-то и мы рысаками!!!"