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Материалы пресс-брифинга 16.11.2020

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★The preliminary collection team has arrived at Woomera ★

After two weeks of quarantine in Adelaide, the preliminary team (14 people) arrived safely in Woomera. The maximum temperature today is below 30 degrees celsius, and feels refreshing as the air is dry. But the maximum temperature in the middle of the week is due to be 36 degrees celsius (!). Well, we will start preparations from tomorrow. 



ЦитатаFuture plans

Operation schedule

November 26, 2020 planned TCM-3
December 6, 2020 Re-entry



ЦитатаInformation on observing the re-entry capsule.

Here is information compiled for observing the re-entry capsule as it returns to Woomera, Australia. Trinigen have also released an app (supervised by JAXA) called "Reentry AR" that displays the predicted trajectory of the re-entry capsule viewed from any location in AR (augmented reality). This can be downloaded for free, so please try this out.

Unfortunately, protections against the new coronavirus have restricted travel to Australia. But we hope you can imagine our re-entry, even if it is not possible to travel to view the capsule.

Observation guide :PDF Download 


Цитата HAYABUSA2@JAXA @haya2e_jaxa 14 ч. назад

It's now less than 2 weeks left, and under 4,500,000 km to Earth! The current plan for the Earth return (in JST):
・December 5, 14:00 - 15:00: capsule separation
・Dec. 5, 15:00 - 17:00: orbit change for spacecraft departure
・Dec. 6, 02:00 - 03:00: capsule landing


Цитата HAYABUSA2@JAXA @haya2e_jaxa 3 ч. назад

Today (11/25) we received permission from the Commonwealth Return Safety Officer (CRSO) to transition Hayabusa2 onto a re-entry trajectory towards the Australian Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA). (Фотоаппарат Dominic Balasuriya & PM Tsuda at the Australia Embassy, holding the agreement.)

3 ч. назад

CRSO permission was granted based on a judgement that there are no issues with the navigation, guidance, plan, spacecraft or ground systems.


Цитата HAYABUSA2@JAXA @haya2e_jaxa 3 ч. назад

Tomorrow (11/26) we will perform TCM-3; a very important orbit control. The time to use the chemical thrusters is from about 16:00 JST, and the amount of acceleration will be about 1.2 m/s. Finally, the capsule will be an orbit back to Earth.


Цитата HAYABUSA2@JAXA @haya2e_jaxa 5 ч. назад

[TCM-3] Today (Nov. 26), the TCM-3 operation began. The orbit of the Hayabusa2 spacecraft needs to be carefully controlled in order to enter the atmospheric entry orbit towards Woomera, Australia. A briefing was held before the start of operations at 11:40 JST & we began at 12:00

1 ч. назад

[TCM-3] At 15:36 JST, the timed command for transitioning onto the re-entry orbit for Woomera in Australia was sent to the spacecraft. Orbital transition injection is scheduled for about 16:00. The speed increase is planned to be 1.2m/s. After this, a fine adjustment is planned.


Цитата HAYABUSA2@JAXA @haya2e_jaxa 36 мин. назад

[TCM-3] The thruster injection for the first fine tuning adjustment is currently being performed. The results of TCM-3 will be reported after all confirmations are complete.


Цитата HAYABUSA2@JAXA @haya2e_jaxa 11 мин. назад

[TCM-3] At 19:28 JST, TCM-3 was confirmed to have performed as planned. The orbit will be decided in the future, and the re-entry time is planned to be calculated around November 30. The condition of the spacecraft is normal.


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Thursday, Nov. 26

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A Japanese space probe on its way back to Earth has been photographed by a telescope in Hawaii millions of kilometers away. The Hayabusa2 probe is believed to be carrying samples from a remote asteroid.

Hayabusu2 was photographed in the direction of Cassiopeia by the Subaru Telescope, which is operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

In five serial images taken during an 18-minute period last Friday, Hayabusa2 appears as a tiny spot among the stars, and is moving toward the bottom right of the frame.

The probe was approximately 5.8 million kilometers from Earth, or about 15 times the distance between the Earth and the moon.

The observatory says the brightness of the spacecraft was one 27-millionth of the level that can be detected by the human eye.


On November 20, 2020 (Hawaiʻi Standard Time), the Subaru Telescope captured Hayabusa2 on its way back to Earth after exploring the asteroid (162173) Ryugu.

Hayabusa2, an asteroid explorer operated by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), is set to drop off a capsule containing samples from the asteroid on December 6 (JST). To quickly photograph the spacecraft traveling back to Earth, the Subaru Telescope conducted observations utilizing the time between scientific observations.
версия jp с расстоянием (как у  новостников)

сайт Subaru Telescope https://subarutelescope.org/en/news/topics/2020/11/25/2914.html


Цитата Jonathan McDowell @planet4589 50 мин. назад

Current Hayabusa-2 distance to Earth - 2.56 million km and closing


Цитата Jonathan McDowell @planet4589 43 мин. назад

Haya-2 now 2.2 million km out and closing.


Цитата HAYABUSA2@JAXA @haya2e_jaxa 3 ч. назад

The press briefing today (11/30) covered details on the capsule separation and re-entry. After TCM-3, the orbit of the spacecraft has been accurately estimated, so scheduled times are now more definite. Please see the press briefing material for more news:


Материалы пресс-конференции 30.11.2020

Hayabusa2_Press_20201130_ver8_en2.pdf - 12.1 MB, 21 стр, 30.11.2020 09:26:44 UTC


Цитата HAYABUSA2@JAXA @haya2e_jaxa 3 ч. назад

Tomorrow (December 1) we are planning to perform TCM-4, which is a trajectory correction, at around 16:00 JST. The distance of Hayabusa2 from the Earth at this time will be about 1.74 million km. Hayabusa2 is approaching the Earth closer moment by moment.


HAYABUSA2@JAXA @haya2e_jaxa  55 мин
[TCM-4] The main ΔV (acceleration) was completed at 16:00 JST. We are now examining the change in orbit in detail and the amount of ΔV required for correction (trim).


HAYABUSA2@JAXA @haya2e_jaxa  4 ч
[TCM-4] Trim ΔV is now complete. After examining the combined result of both main and trim ΔV, it was confirmed at 17:02 JST that TCM-4 (fine orbit correction for landing) was performed as planned. This completes the orbit control up to capsule separation on December 5!

2 ч
[TCM-4] With today's operation, the expected position of the re-entry capsule has been shifted by about 33km to where the recovery team can more easily work. As the potential landing location covers a region of 100km or more, the team will look for the capsule within that area.

2 ч   Future Plans (JST):
14:30 Capsule separation
15:40~18:00 Orbit correction for Earth departure
01:57 Spacecraft, enters shadow
02:28~30 Spacecraft, capsule imaging
02:28~29 Capsule atmospheric entry
02:31 Spacecraft, exits shadow
02:31~33 Capsule, parachute deployment
02:47~57 Capsule landing


Они  случаем не в один день с Чанье-5 собираются садиться?  ;D


Цитата: Чебурашка от 01.12.2020 23:12:18Они  случаем не в один день с Чанье-5 собираются садиться?  ;D
Нет. Сабж - 6-го, а лунник - 16-го.