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Материалы пресс-брифинга 16.11.2020

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★The preliminary collection team has arrived at Woomera ★

After two weeks of quarantine in Adelaide, the preliminary team (14 people) arrived safely in Woomera. The maximum temperature today is below 30 degrees celsius, and feels refreshing as the air is dry. But the maximum temperature in the middle of the week is due to be 36 degrees celsius (!). Well, we will start preparations from tomorrow. 



ЦитатаFuture plans

Operation schedule

November 26, 2020 planned TCM-3
December 6, 2020 Re-entry



ЦитатаInformation on observing the re-entry capsule.

Here is information compiled for observing the re-entry capsule as it returns to Woomera, Australia. Trinigen have also released an app (supervised by JAXA) called "Reentry AR" that displays the predicted trajectory of the re-entry capsule viewed from any location in AR (augmented reality). This can be downloaded for free, so please try this out.

Unfortunately, protections against the new coronavirus have restricted travel to Australia. But we hope you can imagine our re-entry, even if it is not possible to travel to view the capsule.

Observation guide :PDF Download