Condition and Location of Post-Flight MP-1 (МП-1)

Автор David Lee Rickman, 12.11.2009 19:25:55

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David Lee Rickman

I am curious to find the МП-1 flown in 1961. Does it still exist, and if so what condition is it in? Many previous questions about the МП-1 have now been answerers by reading the new book, "Космические крылья" recently published. However, I wish to go a little farther into the final fate of the МП-1.

Does the МП-1 rest in a museum, or has it been stored away in the bowels of the facilities of NPO Mash. Or was it simply discarded after examination.

The reason for this inquiry is simple; I am building a 1/16 scale resin cast model of the МП-1 with removable panels to show the interior systems. I would also like to find information on the mechanics of the МП-1 - such as when the 14 braking panels are extended for reentry, what fills the small triangular area between the panels. Is this a flexible material or some other ridged material ?

Also, the jets which fired pressurized air for orientation, what did their configuration look like?

Still many questions about the flight of the МП-1 which could be answered by examining the actual flight model...but is that even possible???

Curiously Yours,

David Lee Rickman

David Lee Rickman


Thank you. However there appears to be something lost in translation. I am speaking of the МП-1 launched on 27 December, 1961 as part of Chelomei's Raketoplan reentry tests.


David L. Rickman