Рассекреченные документы ЦРУ в онлайн поиске

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ЦРУ открыло онлайн доступ к рассекреченным документам. Там есть и интересные вещи по космической программе.

Одна из пачек документов 1983 года про Космические станции, шаттлы и перспективы
расширенный поиск - NSSD 5-83 - небольшая группа с указанием даты

Один из документов про возможные Советские возможности
3. We also believe that the discussion on page 2 under Leadership which addresses US-USSR competition should be amended. The Soviet development of a permanently manned space station will likely evolve from the current SALYUT program. The forthcoming NIE 11-1-83 states that a permanent manned presence will be established by about 1986 by combining several SALYUT 7 sized modules with a crew of 6 to 12. A larger Soviet station made up of Skylab-sized modules with a crew of about 20 is expected in the 1990's with the first module launched by 1990. However, NASA plans for a manned presence in space have taken a different course with the Skylab, the Shuttle, and the proposed manned space station. In sum, the US and USSR have taken different approaches to space development.

28 страничный CCCT MEETING ON U.S. SPACE STATION OPTIONS - https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP85M00363R001002300012-7.pdf

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