Сателлитология: гадание ПО СПУТНИКАМ :-)

Автор carlos, 22.12.2006 20:06:26

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...! .....!!! Дайте йаду!!! :D

Здесь составляют гороскопы по характеру движения ИСЗ: http://satellitology.org/index.php

ЦитатаFor centuries humans have looked to the sky for guidance in their lives. Many people adhere to a belief in astrology even to this day. Although astrology recognizes the effects of the stars, planets, comets, and other naturally occurring celestial bodies on every-day events, it fails to take into account the presence of man-made satellites. Man-made satellites not only affect the modern technology we use daily, but their gravitational pulls affect our every day lives in much the same way as the stars and planets. Satellitolgy expands upon the science of astrology to take into account the effects of man-satellites. By doing so, satellitology corrects astrology's failures.
Еще не все потеряно!