BlackSky (х2) "Love At First Insight"– Electron (Fl 22) – Mahia, LC-1A (NZ) – 11.11.2021

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Цитата: undefinedRocket Lab  @RocketLab
We're back(-to-back) with our next missions for @BlackSky_Inc and @SpaceflightInc. #LoveAtFirstInsight will be the first of three scheduled missions from late August through September.
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Цитата: Salo от 10.08.2021 17:18:27
Цитата: undefinedRocket Lab to Launch Three Back-To-Back Missions for BlackSky from late August

The next Electron rocket on the pad is the first of three dedicated missions for BlackSky scheduled for lift-off from late August through September.

Long Beach, California. August 10, 2021 - Rocket Lab, a leading launch provider and space systems company, has today announced its next mission is part of a rapid launch schedule of three dedicated Electron missions for global monitoring provider BlackSky.

Scheduled to lift-off from Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand's Mahia Peninsula in late August, the 'Love At First Insight' mission will be Rocket Lab's 22nd Electron launch overall and fifth mission of 2021. 'Love At First Insight' is the first in a rapid succession of scheduled Electron launches between late August through September that represent the company's fastest launch turnarounds to date.

The 'Love At First Insight' mission is the latest in a multi-launch agreement signed earlier this year for BlackSky between Rocket Lab and Spaceflight Inc., which is providing integration and mission management services for BlackSky. This mission will deploy the eighth and ninth satellites of BlackSky's planned constellation as part of that rapid-launch agreement, with another four Gen-2 smallsats across the two additional Electron dedicated missions to follow.

Electron will deploy two of BlackSky's high-resolution, multi-spectral, Gen-2 satellites to low Earth orbit, expanding BlackSky's network in space and offering of real-time geospatial intelligence and monitoring services. BlackSky combines high-resolution images captured by its constellation of microsatellites with its proprietary artificial intelligence software to deliver analytics and insights to industries including transportation, infrastructure, land use, defense, supply chain management, and humanitarian aid.

"Dedicated launch on Electron means a bespoke service for satellite operators who want control over their schedule and orbital parameters," says Rocket Lab founder and CEO Peter Beck. "Rapid launch with these three back-to-back missions enables BlackSky to fast-track their plans for a constellation that meets the hunger for real-time data produced by multiple images within 24 hours, rather than one image at the same time each day."

"We've been partnering strongly with Rocket Lab over the past several months to gain high confidence in a launch campaign that will increase the capacity of our space network," said Brian E. O'Toole, CEO of BlackSky. "This cadence of rapid launches demonstrates the accelerated pace at which we are able to expand our constellation and reinforces our commitment to delivering real-time data and intelligence."

The 'Love At First Insight' launch is set to bring the total number of satellites launched by Rocket Lab to 107, joining a collection of successfully deployed satellites from various sectors including Earth-observation, Internet of Things, weather and climate monitoring, academia and scientific research, civil government, defense, and more. Information about the 'Love At First Insight' launch window will be made available in the coming days.

ЦитатаNew space: Следующая миссия Rocket Lab - Love At First Insight планируется к запуску не ранее конца августа

Миссия запустит на орбиту 2 спутника для наблюдения Земли компании BlackSky (при помощи компании Spaceflight). Предполагается развернуть восьмой и девятый спутники планируемой группировки BlackSky в рамках соглашения о запусках, а ещё четыре малых спутника Gen-2 будут развёрнуты в двух специальных миссиях Electron позднее.

-- Планируется, что это будет первая миссия серии из 3-х самых быстрых по темпу запусков компании за всё время
-- Миссия станет 5-м запуском в этом году и 22-м в истории компании.

ЦитатаSEATTLE - August 18, 2021 --
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Spaceflight Inc. has been providing comprehensive launch and mission management services for its customers for more than 10 years, but the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic have required more flexibility, adaptability and ingenuity than ever before. For Spaceflight's mission support teams, this has included coordinating international travel with daily fluctuations due to country-specific restrictions, navigating last-minute supply chain delays, re-manifesting customers on new launches due to delays on their original launch, managing weeks of isolation in international quarantines, and handling integration and logistics for customers who can't travel to integration facilities.
Spaceflight is currently managing three consecutive dedicated Rocket Lab launches for its customer BlackSky, a leading technology platform providing real-time geospatial intelligence and global monitoring. The back-to-back-to-back launches will each carry two BlackSky smallsats to Low Earth orbit. Spaceflight's RL-8, coined "Love At First Insight" by Rocket Lab, is the first of the launches and slated to launch the last week of August from Rocket Lab's Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand. The next two launches, Spaceflight's RL-10 and RL-11, will follow in subsequent weeks.



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Satellite ops have been completed on the next @BlackSky_Inc payloads! Next up: integration with Electron for back-to-back launches soon.Image


ЦитатаRocket Lab  @RocketLab
RocketLove At First Insight: launch window opens Nov. 11