S4 CROSSOVER, OreSat 0, SpaceBEE (x16) – Astra LV0009 – Kodiak, LP-3B – 15.03.2022 16:22 UTC

Автор zandr, 07.03.2022 18:55:05

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Цитата: АСПОС ОКП от 23.03.2022 01:50:48А вот кто: https://spacenews.com/swarm-launched-satellites-on-astra-mission/
Это надо копипастить. Хотя бы частично!
ЦитатаIn a March 21 email newsletter, Swarm mentioned a recent launch. "We recently launched 16 new VHF satellites into a 5:30 a.m. LTDN orbit, which splits our largest gap between orbital planes in half," the company stated. LTDN, or local time of descending node, refers to the time when the satellites cross the equator from north to south. The newsletter did not mention when the satellites were launched or by whom.
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ЦитатаJonathan McDowell  @planet4589
It's now clear that the Astra LV0009 mission launched  20 SpaceBEEs, namely SpaceBEE 112 to 127 and New Zealand flagged SpaceBEE NZ-11 to NZ-14. All but two are now ID'd by 18SPCS; no IDs yet for the SpaceBEEs launched on Transporter-4