Замена экипажа ЭО-9 ?!

Автор X, 01.02.2004 23:10:50

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выдержка их фидошной эхи :
J: Anybody has any more news on this:
"French aerospace weekly Air & Espace reports a last minute crew switch for the upcoming Soyuz TMA-4 taxi mission.Gennadi Padalka and Edward "Mike" Fincke would replace Chiao and Tokarev.Kuipers remains on the crew"

D:As of yesterday, an astronaut pal told me that everything is still in the rumor stage at the moment, but that the weight of the rumors is now for Exp-9 changing to Padalka-Fincke. He did not know the reason why, and even a couple of days ago he had thought that such a crew switch would be unlikely

J1:Confirmed privately to me. Now, to find the reason!

Чего там такое происходит ?! Сначала поменяли на Чиао , теперь вообще целиком .  Кто может прокомментировать ?