NROL-101 - Atlas V 531 (AV-086) - CCAFS SLC-41 - 13.11.2020 22:32 UTC

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Welcome to Cape Canaveral's Vertical Integration Facility and the start of another #AtlasV launch campaign! You can follow along today as we take the first step to prepare for the #NROL101 mission by lifting the first stage aboard the Mobile Launch Platform.


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Today's activities at Cape Canaveral are known collectively as the Launch Vehicle on Stand (LVOS) milestone for #NROL101. Technicians have released the #AtlasV first stage from the transportation equipment in preparation for rotating the 107-foot-long booster upright.


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ULA is using an #AtlasV 531 rocket that generates nearly two million pounds of thrust to perform this #NROL101 launch for
@NatReconOfc. The two-stage rocket will include a 5-meter diameter payload fairing, 3 solid-fuel boosters and 1 engine on our high-performance Centaur.


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The #NROL101 launch will be our 30th mission for the National Reconnaissance Office. Nearly two-thirds of our missions to date have launched U.S. national security payloads for @SpaceForceDoD and @NatReconOfc


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In the coming days, three @northropgrumman #GEM63 solid rocket boosters and the Centaur upper stage will be hoisted into the Vertical Integration Facility for continued #AtlasV stacking operations. Launch of #NROL101 is planned for later this year.


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Time fo another #ToryTimelapse. #AtlasV , meet your #GEM63s! Here are the giant, 100,000 lbm (45,000kg) SRMs being hung on the Mighty Atlas for the NROL101 mission that will launch later this year. (0:12)


Цитата ULA @ulalaunch 1 ч. назад

The #GEM63s are mated to #AtlasV that will launch #NROL101 later this year. This will be the debut launch for the solid rocket boosters! GEM 63s will be used on Atlas V launches to build flight experience in preparation for the GEM 63XLs on #VulcanCentaur's first flight in 2021.



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ЦитатаNROL-101: Atlas V 531 assembled at the VIF
Sep 21, 2020, 06:50 AM

An Atlas V rocket, the first to sport GEM 63 solid rocket boosters, is now stacked at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to launch the NROL-101 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

The Atlas V first stage for NROL-101 is hoisted into the Vertical Integration Facility (VIF). Photo by United Launch Alliance

The launch campaign began Friday, Sept. 11, when the first stage was delivered to the Vertical Integration Facility (VIF) and hoisted upright for the Launch Vehicle on Stand (LVOS) milestone.<br /><br />Crane operators lifted the 107-foot (33-meter) long rocket off its over-the-road transportation gear, then rotated the bronze-colored stage 90 degrees for delicate maneuvering onto the Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) pedestals.

The following days featured the first attachment of GEM 63 solid-propellant motors to an Atlas V. The NROL-101 launch incorporates three strap-on boosters to augment the lifting capacity of rocket's first stage.

The Graphite Epoxy Motors (GEMs) are a lower-cost alternative to the AJ60 solid rocket boosters used by Atlas V since 2003. Northrop Grumman, a strategic partner of ULA, produced more than a thousand GEMs for Delta rockets over the past three decades and will now supply GEM 63s for Atlas as a stepping-stone for using GEM 63XLs on ULA's next-generation Vulcan Centaur rocket.

The boosters are named for their diameter, which is 63 inches (1.6 meters). They will provide the same level of power as the previous Atlas V solids, but are more affordable, offer a streamlined installation process and compile flight experience in preparation for Vulcan Centaur's first flight next year.

A GEM 63 solid rocket booster is hoisted into the VIF during Atlas V stacking operations for NROL-101. Photo by United Launch Alliance

GEM 63s will be added to future Atlas V missions throughout 2021 using a pre-defined schedule to complete a full transition in the near future.

See our earlier blog on ULA's move to GEM 63.

Each of the GEMs, weighing nearly 100,000 pounds (45,000 kg), were trucked to the VIF on flatbed trailers and hoisted by crane into the building for connection to Atlas. Two were mounted to the south-side of the first stage and the third was attached to the north-side.

How can a such a seemingly unbalanced launch vehicle fly properly? The answer starts with the solid rocket boosters' stationary nozzles. They align with the overall rocket's center of gravity, and the Atlas V's dual-nozzle main engine provides ample control authority to steer the rocket smoothly through the sky.

Initial build up of the NROL-101 launch vehicle was achieved on Friday, Sept. 18 when technicians raised and attached a pre-assembled structure featuring the interstage, Centaur upper stage and lower halves of the payload fairing.

The rocket is known as the Atlas V 531 configuration. It includes a five-meter-diameter (17.7-foot) payload fairing, three solid rocket boosters and one engine on the high-performance Centaur.

Comprehensive testing of the rocket will be performed for the next few weeks to ensure all systems are ready before the payload to be mounted atop the Atlas V. The fully stacked rocket and payload, standing 206 feet (63 meters) tall, will ride the MLP from the VIF to Space Launch Complex-41 the day prior to the countdown and launch.

Liftoff is planned for later this year. This will be our 30th mission for the NRO.


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Atlas V appears through the surf haze at SLC-41. @ulalaunch is conducting a wet dress rehearsal today ahead of the #NROL101 launch.


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Two rockets undergoing testing at Cape Canaveral today. An Atlas 5 is being fueled for a Wet Dress Rehearsal at pad 41. Earlier a Falcon 9 ignited its engines at pad 40 for a static fire.



ЦитатаNROL-101: Wet Dress Rehearsal successful for Atlas V
Oct 22, 2020, 14:52 PM

An Atlas V rocket spent two days at the launch pad this week for a practice countdown to test flight and ground systems in preparation for the upcoming NROL-101 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

The Atlas V rocket rolls out to Space Launch Complex-41 for the Wet Dress Rehearsal ahead of the NROL-101 mission. Photo by United Launch Alliance

Known as a Wet Dress Rehearsal (WDR), the joint ULA, Space Force and NRO team successfully completed the test that demonstrated the rocket's rollout and day-of-launch countdown operations.

The assembled rocket -- without the payload attached -- rode the Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) from the Vertical Integration Facility (VIF) to Space Launch Complex-41 (SLC-41) on Tuesday, Oct. 20 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

After reaching the pad, the first stage was loaded with its flight supply of 25,000 gallons of RP-1, a highly refined kerosene. That fuel will remain inside the rocket through launch day, a standard practice for Atlas rockets that undergo a WDR.

The countdown, on Wednesday, Oct. 21, was initiated just before dawn by the team of console operators stationed in the Launch Control Center at the Atlas Spaceflight Operations Center.

The rocket stages were powered up, guidance system testing conducted and final preps to ground systems accomplished, enabling approval for cryogenic tanking. About 66,000 gallons of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen filled the rocket's tanks using the same procedures that will be executed on the actual launch day.

During the standard built-in hold at T-minus 4 minutes, readiness polls of the engineering support team, mission managers and the launch team culminated with a "go" to enter terminal count.

The Atlas V rocket completes the Wet Dress Rehearsal for the NROL-101 mission. Photo by United Launch Alliance

The final phase of the countdown progressed smoothly as the rocket's propellant tanks were topped off and pressurized, the stages placed on internal power, systems armed, and the traditional "Go Atlas," "Go Centaur," "Go NROL-101" declared in the final status check at T-minus 25 seconds. All planned activities were completed through the scheduled cutoff point just prior to ignition.

The rocket was safed and cryogenic tanks drained to conclude the test. The rocket returned to the VIF on Thursday, Oct. 22 after the hardware warmed up and the MLP could be disconnected from the pad facility.

WDRs are milestones meant to mitigate any issues before the actual launch day arrives. ULA performs WDRs for all planetary launches and select missions when requested by the customer.

The next event in the launch processing campaign will be NROL-101 payload's arrival at the VIF for hoisting atop the Atlas V.


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 Will Atlas V with #NROL101 launch before Delta IV Heavy with #NROL44?

 Tory Bruno @torybruno 22 окт.

В ответ @AltLeifdoe


 Thomas Burghardt @TGMetsFan98 1 ч

Tory Bruno says the launch of Atlas V with NROL-101 will "likely" occur before the next Delta IV Heavy/NROL-44 launch attempt.

Atlas V will fly in the 531 configuration, using the new Northrop Grumman GEM-63 solid rocket boosters for the first time.


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Опубликуют уведомления - можно будет хотя бы оч грубо прикинуть... Пока страницы миссии на сайте ULA нет.


Открыта страница миссии -

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Цитата: ULA


• Rocket: Atlas V 531
Mission: NROL-101
Launch Date: Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020
Launch Period: 5:30 p.m. to 8:10 p.m. EST 
Launch Location: Space Launch Complex-41, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida 

Mission Information: United Launch Alliance (ULA) will use an Atlas V 531 rocket to launch the NROL-101 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Liftoff will occur from Space Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.

Launch Notes: This will be 141st mission for United Launch Alliance and our 29th for the NRO. It is the 86th Atlas V launch and the 4th in the 531 configuration.

Пуск -  с 22:30 UTC 3 ноября 2020 г. до 01:10 UTC 4 ноября 2020 г.4 ноября 2020 г. с 01:30 до 04:10 ДМВ


ЦитатаOct 26 15:58

Launch Status Update

(Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., Oct. 26, 2020) - The launch of a United Launch Alliance Atlas V carrying the NROL-101 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office is scheduled for Nov. 3, 2020. The launch period is 5:30 to 8:10 p.m. EST. The Atlas V will launch from Space Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.


Цитата Emre Kelly @EmreKelly 36 мин. назад

NRO on Nov. 3 Atlas V launch: "'NROL-101's mission patch pays tribute to the Lord of the Rings stories with a gold ring and Elvish script that translates to 'Goodness Persists.'"


Цитата: ULANROL-101: Payload mounted atop Atlas V for launch
Oct 26, 2020, 14:22 PM

The United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket and the NROL-101 payload from the National Reconnaissance Office are joined together for their launch into space on Nov. 3.

The encapsulated NROL-101 payload is hoisted into the Vertical Integration Facility for attachment to its Atlas V rocket. Photo by United Launch Alliance

The encapsulated payload was delivered to the Vertical Integration Facility (VIF) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station today. ULA's payload transport vehicle positioned its cargo beneath the VIF crane that hoisted NROL-101 through the doorway and atop the Atlas V.

The completed launch vehicle now stands 206 feet (63 meters) tall. Once fully fueled during the countdown, Atlas V will weigh nearly one million pounds (453,600 kg).

The NROL-101 launch furthers ULA's steadfast partnership with the NRO for U.S. national security. This space asset will support the NRO's overall national security mission to provide intelligence data to the United States' senior policy makers, the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense.

More than half of Atlas V launches to date -- 56 percent -- have successfully deployed national security space payloads into orbit.

For the NROL-101 mission, ULA is using the Atlas V 531 variant that features a five-meter-diameter payload fairing, three side-mounted solid rocket boosters and a single RL10 engine on the Centaur upper stage. This will be the inaugural use of Graphite Epoxy Motors (GEM 63) solid-fuel boosters on an Atlas V.

This will be ULA's 141st mission and our 29th for the NRO. It also marks the 86th flight of Atlas V and fourth in the 531 configuration.

Liftoff on Nov. 3 is scheduled during a period of 5:30 to 8:10 p.m. EST.

You can see additional photos of payload attachment activities in our NROL-101 album on Flickr.