DirecTV 16, Eutelsat 7C - Ariane 5 ECA (VA248 ) - Kourou ELA-3 - 20.06.2019 21:43 UTC

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All-Electric Maxar 1300-Class Communications Satellite to Deliver Broadcast Services for Eutelsat Customers
June 21, 2019

EUTELSAT 7C is performing according to plan after launch
WESTMINSTER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Maxar Technologies (NYSE:MAXR) (TSX:MAXR) today announced that the all-electric EUTELSAT 7C communications satellite, built for Eutelsat, one of the world's leading satellite operators, is performing according to plan.

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The Maxar-built EUTELSAT 7C all-electric satellite has successfully launched and will soon begin providing broadcast services for Eutelsat customers. (Photo: Business Wire)

The satellite launched yesterday aboard an Ariane 5 rocket fr om the Arianespace launch base in Kourou, French Guiana. EUTELSAT 7C deployed its solar arrays on schedule and began firing its SPT-140 electric propulsion thrusters to propel toward its final orbit at 7 degrees East longitude, wh ere it is designed to provide service for a minimum of 15 years. Once in service, EUTELSAT 7C will deliver high-quality broadcast services to multiple regions, including Africa, the Middle East and Turkey.

"An innovative and reliable spacecraft manufacturer for more than 60 years, Maxar Space Solutions has built and launched 280 spacecraft with a combined 2,200 years of on-orbit service. EUTELSAT 7C is the third satellite built by Maxar for Eutelsat," said Megan Fitzgerald, Maxar's Senior Vice President and General Manager of Space Solutions. "I would like to thank our long-term customer, Eutelsat, for their collaborative working relationship and forward-leaning approach to integrating cutting-edge technologies that result in superior satellite capability to meet next-generation broadcast demand."

Based on Maxar's decades-proven 1300-class platform, EUTELSAT 7C is equipped with 44 Ku-band transponders and a steerable antenna beam, which enables Eutelsat to adjust coverage as needed while the satellite is on-orbit. The satellite also carries a highly innovative photonics payload, which will demonstrate technologies to enable more efficient payload designs in the future.

All-electric satellites provide efficient solutions for satellite operators by reducing launch mass while increasing spacecraft flexibility and performance. As a pioneer in the field of electric propulsion, Maxar's extensive experience includes in excess of 100,000 hours of active electric propulsion thruster operation across more than 30 spacecraft currently in orbit.

"Maxar has been a valued and trusted partner in innovating and advancing the capabilities of our satellite fleet for many years," said Yohann Leroy, Eutelsat's Deputy CEO and Chief Technical Officer. "We are delighted to take our relationship further with EUTELSAT 7C, the third satellite to be built by Maxar for Eutelsat."

The operations of DigitalGlobe, SSL and Radiant Solutions were unified under the Maxar brand in February; MDA continues to operate as an independent business unit within the Maxar organization.



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IDs for AT&T T-16 and EUTELSAT 7C have been switched. CelesTrak SATCAT updated.


AT&T T-16 (DirecTV 16) достиг геостационара
AT&T T-16
1 44333U 19034A   19184.60000000  .00000087  00000-0  00000+0 0  9997
2 44333   0.0100 294.8760 0001525  69.6520 358.0280  1.00271266   187
35780 x 35793 km x 0.010°, 1436.10 min, 2019-07-03 14:24:00
Сабж пока в точке 134.75°W

Press release   •   Jan 28, 2020 11:07 CET

Bringing incremental capacity to a dynamic broadcast neighbourhood

Paris, 28 January 2020 – Eutelsat Communications' (Euronext Paris: ETL) EUTELSAT 7C satellite has entered full commercial service and is ready to support broadcast customers across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Turkey.

Manufactured by Maxar Technologies, EUTELSAT 7C is a 3.4 tonne high-power all-electric satellite carrying 49 36-Mhz equivalent Ku-band transponders. Successfully launched from Kourou, French Guiana, on 20 June 2019, the satellite is co-located with EUTELSAT 7B at 7° East, increasing capacity at this dynamic neighbourhood by 19 transponders.

During the night of 27-28 January 2020, the Eutelsat teams migrated a number of services from EUTELSAT 7A to EUTELSAT 7C, including Turkish Pay-TV platform Digiturk, Turkish national broadcaster TRT, and Globecast UK for coverage across Europe and the Middle East.

EUTELSAT 7A will be transferred to another orbital location as part of Eutelsat's fleet optimisation strategy.