Kacific-1 (JCSat-18) - Falcon 9-078 - CCAFS SLC-40 – 17.12.2019, 00:10 UTC

Автор tnt22, 12.12.2019 09:15:55

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Цитировать Julia‏ @julia_bergeron 12 мин. назад

How do you prefer your booster? Rare, medium, well done and extra scorchy are your options. There is a spotted cow effect happening at the center. #SpaceX #B10563 #JCSAT18

8 мин. назад

Tug Hawk and OCISLY entering Port Canaveral with the thrice flown JCSAT-18 booster. #SpaceX #B10563

Kyle Montgomery‏ @Kyle_M_Photo 3 мин. назад

OCISLY has finished docking #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX #OCISLY @SpaceXFleet



Цитировать Port Canaveral‏ @PortCanaveral 21 мин. назад

BLACKENED BOOSTER RETURNS: A time-lapse view as a scorched @SpaceX Falcon 9 booster is towed back to the Port on Thursday aboard drone ship Of Course I Still Love You. Used twice before, the booster lofted a JCSAT-18/Kacific1 Communications Satellite into orbit on Monday night.

https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1207763477843959809/pu/vid/1280x720/Ym8gcDgtL7HGBwz2.mp4 (0:33)


Цитировать Kyle Montgomery‏ @Kyle_M_Photo 5 ч. назад

They lifted the fairing half on Ms. Tree and then moved Ms. Tree out from under it. #SpaceXFleet #SpaceX @SpaceXFleet

5 ч. назад

The fairing half was loaded onto a truck

4 ч. назад



Цитировать Brandon Wynn  :f09f9a80: :f09f87ba::f09f87b2:‏ @BrandonHSlam 11 ч. назад

1st Landing Leg is retracted....3 more to go #JCSAT18  @SpaceXFleet @SpaceX

10 ч. назад

Leg numero 3/4 retracted

9 ч. назад

4/4 legs retracted...b.1056.3 is all wrapped up...like a gift!...HAPPY HOLIDAYS


Цитировать Brandon Wynn  :f09f9a80: :f09f87ba::f09f87b2:‏ @BrandonHSlam 7 ч. назад

Falcon goes horizontal before her journey home, synchronized with sunset ...it's been a good day Cape Canaveral
@SpaceXFleet @SpaceX @HoverSlamSpace

 Matoro getting ready to drive home‏ @MatoroIgnika 7 ч. назад


 Nathan Barker‏ @NASA_Nerd 3 ч. назад

SpaceX #Falcon9 1056.3 takes a much needed rest in @PortCanaveral following its #JCSAT launch Monday night.


Цитировать Next Horizons SpaceFlight‏ @NextHorizons_ 24 дек.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 booster that flew the #JCSAT18 and #Kacific1 was seen today heading to get refurbished and reused.
SpaceX has made reusability the way of the future for spaceflight.

- Ben Durrance

https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1209354362994282496/pu/vid/480x848/4AO6J_qZuDRYz96u.mp4 (0:45)