EMIsat, 28 мКА + три неотделяемые ПН на PS4 - PSLV-С45 (QL) - Шрихарикота FLP - 01.04.2019, 03:57 UTC

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#PSLVC45 successfully injects #EMISAT into sun-synchronous polar orbit.

Now, 28 customer satellites to be placed into their designated orbit.

Our updates will continue.


Цитировать04/01/2019 07:19 EMISat separation Stephen Clark

EMISat separation confirmed. The Indian military's 961-pound (436-kilogram) EMISat electronic surveillance satellite has deployed from the PSLV's fourth stage.

Two more burns are required before separation of the 30 smallsats riding aboard the PSLV. Those firings, each lasting around 10 seconds, are scheduled at 0457 GMT (12:57 a.m. EDT) and 0545 GMT (1:45 a.m. EDT). The separation sequence of the secondary payloads should be completed by 0552 GMT (1:52 a.m. EDT).

ISRO's live webcast has suspended coverage of the launch until the final payload separations occur.


Цитировать04/01/2019 07:23 Stephen Clark

The next burn by the PSLV's fourth stage will occur when the rocket is out of communications range with ground stations. The latter firing of the upper stage and deployment of the 28 nanosatellites will be confirmed in real-time as the vehicle soars over a ground station in Mauritius.



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ЦитироватьLaunch of PSLV-C45 EMISAT Mission – Live from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR), Sriharikota


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