Iridium Next Flight 8 (x10) - Falcon 9 - Vandenberg SLC-4E - 30.12.2018 16:38 UTC

Автор tnt22, 18.10.2018 18:10:28

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ЦитатаMatt Desch‏ @IridiumBoss 20 мин. назад

It's taken awhile, but finally have a schedule for the final launch #8 of Iridium NEXT! 8:38am pst on December 30th - we'll have the satellites, SpaceX assures us the flight proven rocket will be ready, and VAFB is ready to ring in the New Year with us!


ЦитатаMatt Desch‏ @IridiumBoss 22 мин. назад

Re: our Iridium-8 launch on December 30th: satellite parts delay is finally past us, and SpaceX launch manifest at VAFB had to be worked around, but we're a go! However, we're really cutting it close on our plan to complete Iridium NEXT by year end! @Marine_layer: behave!