Starlink v1.0 (x60) flight 5 - Falcon 9 - KSC LC-39A - 18.03.2020, 12:17 UTC

Автор KrMolot, 24.02.2020 09:55:35

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Цитата Jonathan McDowell‏ @planet4589 36 мин. назад

and here are launches 4 to 6

34 мин. назад

Looks like some bad data in the Launch 6 orbits (the bit that goes up above 600 km!). Will take a look at those.

25 мин.назад

Corrected Launch 6 plot. Three satellites had a spurious Space-Track orbit for Apr 17 or 18 showing a 4100 km apogee, possibly mistagging for another object


Цитата: undefined Jonathan McDowell @planet4589 2 ч. назад

Launch 6. Starlink 1311 seems to be undergoing uncontrolled orbital decay.



Цитата Dave 'Indoor Cat' Dickinson @Astroguyz 11 мин

New reentry in the queue: @SpaceX's #Starlink-1311 satellite (COSPAR 2020-019D), set for September 28th at 23:54 UT ± 33 hours:

Запуск 2020-03-18, объект 45363


К #301, #302

Цитата Dave 'Indoor Cat' Dickinson @Astroguyz 2 ч. назад

.@SpaceX's #Starlink-1311 satellite (COSPAR ID 2020-019D) reentered today at 7:37 UT+/-1 minute over the South Pacific under nighttime skies:


Цитата Joseph Remis @jremis 5 ч. назад

Obj. 45385 STARLINK-1268 decay prediction: November 20, 2020 UTC 22h04mn ± 36h.
Prediction assuming no maneuvering until decay.

Запуск 2020-03-18, объект 2020-019AB


К #304

Цитата Jonathan McDowell @planet4589 1 ч. назад

Starlink 1268, which failed around May 5, reentered on Nov 19.


К #305

Цитата Chris Combs @DrChrisCombs 3 ч. назад


Good look at the reentry of Starlink 1268 burning up in the atmosphere over Japan. One of many Starlink satellites that has failed (~3% rate isn't bad but there's a bunch of them), this one failed in May (0:14)