Starlink Fl18 (x60) [v1.0 L17] – Falcon 9 (B1049.8) – Kennedy LC-39A – 30.01.2021 ~12:25 UTC

Автор zandr, 21.01.2021 17:32:13

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Цитата: undefined... Then, a Falcon 9 from pad 39A will launch the eighteenth Starlink batch on January 27,
around 8 or 8:30am EST.

ЦитатаThis mission launches the sixteenth batch of operational Starlink satellites, which are version 1.0, from LC-39A. It is the eighteenth Starlink launch overall. The satellites will be delivered to low Earth orbit and will spend a few weeks maneuvering to their operational altitude. The booster is expected to land on an ASDS.

SpaceX's internal name for this mission is Starlink V1.0-L17, publicly they refer to it as the 18th Starlink Mission.

ЦитатаLift Off Time
(Subject to change)     January 27, 2021 - 13:00 UTC | 08:00 EST
Mission Name             Starlink V1.0 L17: the 18th Starlink mission
Launch Provider
(What rocket company is launching it?)  SpaceX
(Who's paying for this?)                 SpaceX
Rocket                               Falcon 9 Block 5 B1049-8; 63 day turn around
Launch Location                 Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A), Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA
Payload mass                      15,600 kg (~34,000 lbs) (60 x 260 kg, plus dispenser)
Where are the satellites going?    550 km circular Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) (Initially 366 x 213 km)
Will they be attempting to recover the first stage?    Yes
Where will the first stage land?                         633 km downrange on Just Read the Instructions
                                                                         Tug: Hawk; Support: GO Quest
Will they be attempting to recover the fairings?   GO Ms. Tree and GO Ms. Chief are stationed ~700 km downrange for fairing recovery

ЦитатаEmre Kelly @EmreKelly
SpaceX now targeting no earlier than Saturday, Jan. 30, for 18th Starlink launch. Hazard area in effect from 0709 to 0827 ET with liftoff set for ~0725 ET. Should be a nice launch with sunrise just a few minutes before.