HLV - Heavy-lift Launch Vehicle от ISRO

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A Heavy lift Launch Vehicle capable of placing up to 10 ton class of spacecrafts into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit is currently under study by a project team. This new generation launch vehicle will derive its propulsion modules from LVM3 as well as from new developments, which include :
  • Larger S-250 solid strap on boosters as compared to S-200 strap on motors used in LVM3
  • Larger L-200 semi cryogenic booster stage, SCE-200 engine
  • Larger cryogenic upper stage (L-100) with CE-60 engine.
This HLV concept (one SCE-200 engine and a cryogenic CE-60 engine) is obviously no longer favored. In a new concept, five SCE-200 engines are planned (see Versions, Propulsion).


A future SHLV concept with liquid-fuel boosters and 5 engines SCE-200 is presented (see Versions, Propulsion). The payload capability is 16.3 t for GTO and 41.3 t for LEO. A version without booster should have a capability of 4.9 t for GTO and 11.4 t for LEO.

Canceled HLV

Цитата: undefined

VersionBoosterStage 1Stage2
LVM3 D1, D2(GSLV-Mk3)2 x S-200L-116 (UDMH/N2O4)HTVE SL (2L-28 (LH2/LOX)CE-20
ULVLight6 x S-13 (PSOM-XL)L-160 (Kerosene/LOX)SCE-200L-35 (LH2/LOX)CE-20
Heavy2 x S-200L-160 (Kerosene/LOX)SCE-200L-35 (LH2/LOX)CE-20
HLV (canceled)2 x S-250L-200 (Kerosene/LOX)SCE-200L-100 (LH2/LOX)CE-60
HLV2 x S-250L-400 (Kerosene/LOX)SCE-200 (5)L-27 (LH2/LOX)CE-20
SHLVLight-L-500 (?) (Kerosene/LOX)SCE-200 (5)L-60 (LH2/LOX)CE-20 (2)
Heavy2 x SC-500 ? (5 SCE-200)L-500 (?) (Kerosene/LOX)SCE-200 (5)L-60 (LH2/LOX)CE-20 (2)
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