Cygnus CRS1 - Antares-120 - 2013 - MARS LP-0A

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Cygnus bids Farewell to the Space Station, headed for Re-Entry

ЦитатаOrbital Sciences' Cygnus C. Gordon Fullerton Spacecraft has departed the International Space Station on Tuesday after a busy cargo delivery mission lasting five weeks. Following a clean unberthing and release performed at 11:41 UTC, Cygnus is in a short free flight setting up for deorbit and re-entry on Wednesday to end the first operational mission of the spacecraft.


The deorbit maneuver is broken down into two burns - the first occurs several hours before the deorbit burn and puts Cygnus in a lower orbit to set up for the precisely targeted deorbit burn. This first burn of the BT-4 engine of Cygnus is expected to begin at 13:12 UTC on Wednesday and has a planned duration of 691 seconds to slow the spacecraft down by 70.5 meters per second.

The deorbit burn occurs at 17:46 UTC and has a duration of 369 seconds to further slows the spacecraft down in order to lower the perigee to have the spacecraft dip into the atmosphere to start re-entry. This burn is targeted so that re-entry takes place above the Pacific Ocean starting at 18:20 UTC. When hitting the dense atmosphere, Cygnus will break-up and burn up with loaded trash to put a fiery end to its mission.

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Частный космический грузовик Cygnus отправился в свободный полет

Астронавты на МКС увели частный космический грузовой корабль Cygnus от модуля МКС Harmony и отпустили его в свободный полет, который завершится вечером в среду, когда "грузовик" сгорит в плотных слоях атмосферы, сообщил РИА Новости представитель НАСА.

Ранее корабль был отстыкован от американского модуля Harmony, затем манипулятор Canadarm увел его на расстояние около 10 метров, а в 15.41 мск отпустил его.
Корабль Cygnus ("Лебедь"), созданный компанией Orbital Sciences, стал вторым в истории частным космическим кораблем после корабля Dragon компании SpaceX. Нынешний его визит на МКС -- уже второй в истории этого типа кораблей, первый полет -- демонстрационный -- состоялся в сентябре 2013 года.

РИА Новости


ЦитатаORB-1 Cygnus departs ISS ahead of fiery farewell
February 18, 2014 by Chris Bergin

Orbital's Cygnus spacecraft is in the final leg of its ORB-1/CRS-1 mission, following its departure from the International Space Station (ISS) at 11:41 am UTC on Tuesday. The commercial vehicle was removed from its  Earth-facing port of the Harmony module port and then released, ahead of what will be a destructive re-entry to end its mission.
The first Commercial Resupply Mission for the Cygnus has been extremely successful.
A flawless launch atop of the Antares launch vehicle on January 9 was followed by a trouble-free rendezvous and berthing just a few days later.

ORB-1 delivered 1,466 kilograms (3,232 lb), out of a maximum of 2,000 kg (4,400 lb).
Полностью статья по ссылке.
Обращаю ваше внимание, что Лебедь доставил рейсом ОРБ-1 1466 кг (3232 фунтов), из 2000 кг (4400 фунтов) максимум. Так что грузовые корабли часто летят к МКС с недогрузом.

Уилбер Райт: "Признаюсь, в 1901-м я сказал своему брату Орвиллу, что человек не будет летать лет пятьдесят. А два года спустя мы сами взлетели".


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ЦитатаValerij пишет:
Так что грузовые корабли часто летят к МКС с недогрузом.
С недогрузом летают только так называемый частные грузовые корабли с необязательными миссиями. По всем остальным кораблям загрузка почти под завязку. И нечего пустым резонерством заниматься, если матчасти не знаете.
Иногда мне кажется что мы черти, которые штурмуют небеса (с) фон Браун


Недогруз 25% это огрехи логистики. недогруз 80% - езда впустую. (проценты, конечно, от объявленной макс грузоподъемности).
К чему это я? А - когда рыбак показывает какую рыбу поймал, нужно смотреть не на руки, а глаза  ;)

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Где-то примерно в это время "Лебедь" должен был ре-ентри :) , но ни от кого ни каких новостей...

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Orbital Completes First Operational Cargo Mission to International Space Station for NASA

Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB), one of the world's leading space technology companies, today announced the successful completion of the first of eight CygnusTM operational cargo logistics spacecraft missions to the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the company's $1.9 billion Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) contract with NASA. The Cygnus spacecraft unberthed from the ISS yesterday morning at 6:41 a.m. (EST), completing a 37-day stay at the orbiting laboratory. Today, Cygnus reentered Earth's atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand at approximately 1:20 p.m. (EST).

"We are very proud to have a second flawless cargo mission to the space station brought to a successful conclusion this afternoon," said Mr. David W. Thompson, Orbital's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Following Cygnus' successful demonstration mission in late 2013 conducted under our COTS research and development partnership with NASA, the picture-perfect execution of the first operational mission is a great way to start the CRS contract. We are looking forward to the next Antares launch and Cygnus cargo delivery mission currently scheduled for early May."

The CRS-1 mission began on January 9, 2014 when Orbital's AntaresTM rocket launched Cygnus into orbit from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) located at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in eastern Virginia. Cygnus, which carried 2,780 lbs. (1,260 kg.) of cargo and science payloads, rendezvoused and berthed with the ISS three days later on January 12. Prior to its departure from the station, the astronauts loaded the cargo module with approximately 3,250 lbs. (1,477 kg.) of unneeded items for disposal.

Under the CRS contract with NASA, Orbital is using Antares and Cygnus to deliver up to 44,000 lbs. (20,000 kg.) of cargo to the ISS over eight missions, including the CRS-1 flight just completed, through late 2016. For these missions, NASA will manifest a variety of essential items based on ISS program needs, including food, clothing, crew supplies, spare parts and equipment, and scientific experiments.

Preparations are already well advanced for the next Cygnus cargo delivery flight, the CRS-2 mission, scheduled to take place in early May. The Antares rocket for the mission is now undergoing final assembly at Wallops Island, while the Cygnus spacecraft is being prepared for shipment to the Wallops launch site in mid-March. The CRS-2 flight is expected to deliver about 3,630 lbs. (1,650 kg.) of cargo to the Space Station.