Starlink Fl18 (x60) [v1.0 L17] – Falcon 9 (B1049.8) – Kennedy LC-39A – 04.03.2021 ~08:24 UTC

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Цитата: undefined... Then, a Falcon 9 from pad 39A will launch the eighteenth Starlink batch on January 27,
around 8 or 8:30am EST.

ЦитатаThis mission launches the sixteenth batch of operational Starlink satellites, which are version 1.0, from LC-39A. It is the eighteenth Starlink launch overall. The satellites will be delivered to low Earth orbit and will spend a few weeks maneuvering to their operational altitude. The booster is expected to land on an ASDS.

SpaceX's internal name for this mission is Starlink V1.0-L17, publicly they refer to it as the 18th Starlink Mission.

ЦитатаLift Off Time
(Subject to change)     January 27, 2021 - 13:00 UTC | 08:00 EST
Mission Name             Starlink V1.0 L17: the 18th Starlink mission
Launch Provider
(What rocket company is launching it?)  SpaceX
(Who's paying for this?)                 SpaceX
Rocket                               Falcon 9 Block 5 B1049-8; 63 day turn around
Launch Location                 Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A), Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA
Payload mass                      15,600 kg (~34,000 lbs) (60 x 260 kg, plus dispenser)
Where are the satellites going?    550 km circular Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) (Initially 366 x 213 km)
Will they be attempting to recover the first stage?    Yes
Where will the first stage land?                         633 km downrange on Just Read the Instructions
                                                                         Tug: Hawk; Support: GO Quest
Will they be attempting to recover the fairings?   GO Ms. Tree and GO Ms. Chief are stationed ~700 km downrange for fairing recovery

ЦитатаEmre Kelly @EmreKelly
SpaceX now targeting no earlier than Saturday, Jan. 30, for 18th Starlink launch. Hazard area in effect from 0709 to 0827 ET with liftoff set for ~0725 ET. Should be a nice launch with sunrise just a few minutes before.


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ЦитатаEmre Kelly  @EmreKelly
Two Starlink updates today:
- 18th mission: Weather 90% go for Jan. 30's 0724 ET liftoff from pad 39A.
 Скрытый текст:
- 19th mission: Now scheduled for Feb. 4 between 0024 and 0100 ET. Also pad 39A.

ЦитатаЗапуск миссии Starlink-17 (предварительно) ожидается 30 января в 15:25 МСК (12:25 UTC). Погода на 90% благоприятна запуску.

Миссия отправит на орбиту следующие 60 спутников группировки Starlink.

1-я ступень (предварительно) Falcon 9 B1049.8 (8-й полёт). Посадка ступени будет осуществлять на платформу JRTI в 633 км от места старта. Спасение створок обтекателя в 707 км. Сход 2-й ступени к югу от Австралии.

Платформа уже вышла из порта Канаверал, корабли с сетками - готовятся.


ЦитатаEmre Kelly  @EmreKelly
SpaceX now targeting no earlier that Sunday, Jan. 31, for the next (18th) Starlink launch. Liftoff around 0700 ET. Weather 80% go.


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ЦитатаEmre Kelly  @EmreKelly
Falcon 9 still vertical after (an unexpected) test fire this morning was scrubbed. Next Starlink launch, tentatively set for 0702 ET Sunday, could shift.

Weather 80% go Sunday; drops to 60% go Monday.

Огневой тест был внезапно прерван.


... соответственно - сдвиг вправо:
ЦитатаEmre Kelly  @EmreKelly
SpaceX is now targeting no earlier than 0640 ET Monday, Feb. 1, for the 18th launch of Starlink.
Weather 60% favorable. Moderate risk of upper-level wind shear; high-risk drone ship recovery weather.


ЦитатаEmre Kelly  @EmreKelly
Definitely no Falcon 9 / 18th Starlink test fire at the opening of today's six-hour window (1200 to 1800 ET). Maybe later, maybe not.

Окно для нового огневого теста с 20:00 по 02:00 31.01 (мск).


Сообщений о том, чтобы огневой тест был проведён, нигде найти не удалось. По-видимому - не было.
Весьма вероятно, что пуск с 1 февраля уйдёт вправо.

Цитата01/31/2021 18:48
The 45th Weather Squadron has issued a launch forecast for Tuesday, indicating SpaceX's Starlink mission has been delayed another day. Air and sea restrictions have also been lifted for Monday.

The weather forecast for Tuesday calls for only a 40% chance of acceptable conditions with liftoff winds and thick cloud cover being the primary concerns. Weather in the first stage recovery zone in the Atlantic remains high risk.

Alex Immortal

А не получится, что следующая партия спутников Старлинк, улетит 4-го февраля впереди этой партии?  8)


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Цитата01/31/2021 22:00
SpaceX has test-fired a Falcon 9 rocket on pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center for the launch of the next batch of Starlink internet satellites. We'll stand by for confirmation from SpaceX of a good test.
Огневой тест проведён!