Sirius XM (SXM-7) - Falcon 9 (B1051.7) - CCAFS SLC-40 - 13.12.2020 17:30 UTC

Автор Alex Immortal, 02.12.2020 13:44:56

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Alex Immortal

ЦитироватьSXM-7 is a satellite radio satellite for Sirius XM. It is being built by SSL.

Launch Time: Thu Dec 10, 2020 16:19 UTC
Payloads: 1
Total Mass: 7,000 kg to Geostationary Transfer Orbit
Vehicle: Falcon 9 B1051 Flight #7
First stage recovery: JRTI


Landing   ASDS, 28.35000 N, 74.00500 W (~643 km downrange)
Operational orbit  GEO, 85.15° W


После старлинков пускать тяжёлый коммерческий спутник в 7й полёт... 
да ещё сохранять ступень на баржу для 8го полёта...  :o


Цитировать Falcon 9 Block 5 @Falcon9Block5 6 ч. назад

#SpaceX is targeting Dec 10th, at 11:19AM EST | 8:19AM PST | 16:19 UTC for the launch of the #SXM7 mission for @SIRIUSXM. The booster supporting this mission, B1051.7, will be flying for its 7th time. #Falcon9 Learn More ➞


Прогноз погоды L-3 на 10 декабря 2020 г. (UTC)

Falcon 9 SiriusXM-7 L-3 Forecast - 10 Dec Launch

Цитата: 45 SWПусковой день   (10.12) - 90 % GO
Резервный день (11.12) - 80 % GO


Цитировать Chris G - NSF @ChrisG_NSF 32 мин. назад

Dueling launch weather forecasts issued for 10 Dec. for #Falcon9 & #DeltaIVHeavy.  Based on EVERYTHING @45thSpaceWing as said before, this is not supportable.  So they're either increased capability & kept it secret for some reason OR they haven't made a decision yet on priority.


Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 SIRIUS XM-7
Date: December 10th
Eastern Range Opens: 11:18 a.m.
Launch Hazard Area
Airspace Closure Area


Уведомление мореплавателям


ЦитироватьNAVAREA IV 1181/20

    101614Z TO 101912Z DEC, ALTERNATE
    111614Z TO 111912Z DEC
        A. 28-36.94N 080-36.02W, 28-37.00N 080-36.00W,
            28-39.00N 080-00.00W, 28-36.00N 079-24.00W,
            28-33.00N 079-25.00W, 28-31.00N 080-05.00W,
            28-30.16N 080-32.88W.
        B. 28-08.00N 076-07.00W, 28-41.00N 076-07.00W,
            28-47.00N 073-09.00W, 28-34.00N 071-34.00W,
            27-50.00N 071-34.00W, 27-32.00N 072-03.00W,
            27-32.00N 073-08.00W.
2. CANCEL THIS MSG 112012Z DEC 20.//

Authority: EASTERN RANGE 011837Z DEC 20.

Date: 060413Z DEC 20
Cancel: 11201200 Dec 20
1-я ст РН - на баржу
2-я ст РН остаётся на орбите


Цитировать Raul @Raul74Cz 6 дек.

Launch Hazard Areas for #SpaceX #SXM-7 mission, planned for Dec 10 16:19 UTC, alternatively Dec 11. Droneship landing for B1051.7 644km downrange. Estimated fairing recovery position approximately 780km downrange.


Цитировать William Harwood @cbs_spacenews 34 мин. назад

F9/Sirius XM-7:  SpaceX erected a Falcon 9 rocket on pad 40 at the Cape Canaveral AFS Monday and test fired its 1st stage engines at 6pm EST; we'll now await an update from SpaceX on launch plans

 Spaceflight Now @SpaceflightNow 34 мин. назад

SpaceX ignited the engines of a Falcon 9 rocket at 6pm EST (2300 GMT) at Cape Canaveral's launch pad 40 for a routine prelaunch test prior to theSirius XM-7 launch later this week. We await word from SpaceX on whether the test was successful.


Цитировать Gavin - @SpaceXFleet 23 ч. назад

... JRTI droneship is well underway towards the SXM-7 LZ.

Support ship GO Quest will soon peel away from OCISLY and head straight to the SXM-7 LZ. Busy times.


Цитировать Gavin - @SpaceXFleet 1 ч. назад

GO Searcher departed Port Canaveral last night for the SXM-7 mission

The ship is currently replacing Ms. Tree BUT there seems to be a big push to get the fairing catcher ready so GO Searcher may just be a backup in case Ms. Tree is not ready in time

 @NASASpaceflight FleetCam


К #9

Цитировать Chris B - NSF @NASASpaceflight 49 мин. назад

Static Fire conducted. As always, wait for SpaceX to confirm a good test and the launch date (NROL-44 also on the Range).

Caught via FleetCam at Port Canaveral. (0:13)


Цитировать SpaceX @SpaceX 15 мин

Static fire test completetargeting Falcon 9 launch of SXM-7 for @SIRIUSXM from SLC-40 in Florida on Friday, December 11

15 мин

Falcon 9's first stage previously supported six missions and one of its fairing halves previously flew on the ANASIS-II mission


К #5:

Коммерцию ожидаемо сдвинули на сутки вправо...


Одну ракету надо отстрелять до обещанных десяти полётов и торжественно отправить в музей. Тем более семь уже есть.
Остальные ограничь пятью полётами ;D


Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 SIRIUS XM-7
Date: December 11th
Eastern Range Opens: 11:20 a.m.