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Space Alien

Я чего-то не понял  :shock: ...

ЦитатаОтстыковку груженого мусором и отработавшим оборудованием HTV-3 "Конотори" от МКС планируется осуществить 12 сентября в 19.50 мск.

Судят по скринам на NSF расстыковка произошла намного раньше  :twisted:  :twisted:  :twisted: ...

Space Alien

Ах, всё понял  :) , вот сейчас только что в 19:50 ЛМВ "рука отпустила"   HTV-3:D .

Space Alien

ЦитатаЯпонский космический грузовик отстыковали от МКС[/size]

Астронавты Джозеф Акаба и Акихико Хошиде отстыковали японский автоматический грузовой корабль HTV-3 от модуля "Хармони" Международной космической станции, сообщили "Интерфаксу-АВН" в подмосковном Центре управления полетами (ЦУП, Королев).

"Космический грузовик успешно отстыкован от МКС с помощью манипулятора "Канадарм-2". В пятницу утром HTV сведут с орбиты и затопят в южной части акватории Тихого океана", - сказал собеседник агентства в ЦУПе.
По его словам, HTV-3 это третий грузовой корабль, отправленный для снабжения МКС японским агентством аэрокосмических исследований JAXA. Он доставил на станцию более пяти тонн различных грузов.

Смотрите оригинал материала на


Successful re-entry of H-II Transfer Vehicle

September 14, 2012 (JST)
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Successful re-entry of H-II Transfer Vehicle "KOUNOTORI3" (HTV3) The H-II Transfer Vehicle "KOUNOTORI3" (HTV3) successfully re-entered the atmosphere after the third de-orbit maneuver at 2:00 p.m. on September 14, 2012 (Japanese Standard Time, JST).

The "KOUNOTORI3" has successfully accomplished the main objective of shipping cargo to the International Space Station (ISS), and completed its 56-day mission.

The estimated date/time for the re-entry and waterlanding are as follows (Japanese Standard Time):
Estimated re-entry*: September 14, 2012 / 2:27 p.m.
Estimated waterlanding: September 14, 2012 / 2:38 - 2:59 p.m.
* Altitude at 120 km

Reference link: For more details, please refer to the following website:
Когда жизнь экзаменует - первыми сдают нервы.


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ЦитатаЯпонский космический грузовик отстыковали от МКС
Астронавты Джозеф Акаба и Акихико Хошиде отстыковали японский автоматический грузовой корабль HTV-3 от модуля "Хармони" Международной космической станции, сообщили "Интерфаксу-АВН" в подмосковном Центре управления полетами (ЦУП, Королев).
Смотрите оригинал материала на
Оказывается при расстыковке корабля с МКС возникли проблемы.
ЦитатаDespite these outstanding issues, Suffredini presented a timeline chart showing the next SpaceX mission to ISS scheduled for March 2013. That chart also listed the first flight of Orbital Science's Cygnus cargo spacecraft to the ISS for April 2013, but Suffredini advised the committee not to bank on it because he expects that date to slip.
As the briefing continued it became clear that a delay might be needed in any case because of an unresolved problem that arose when Japan's HTV cargo spacecraft was released from the ISS. The HTV automatically aborted the release when it detected an "off-nominal trajectory" resulting from friction between the grapple fixture and Canadarm2 that caused Canadarm2 to pull HTV as it was trying to back away. Suffredini said they are still investigating what happened. SpaceX uses a different configuration, so it is not issue for the next Dragon flight, he said, but Cygnus uses the same configuration as HTV and "we need to sort it out before Cygnus flies."

Уилбер Райт: "Признаюсь, в 1901-м я сказал своему брату Орвиллу, что человек не будет летать лет пятьдесят. А два года спустя мы сами взлетели".



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Так что с iBall????
Регистратор iBall успешно приводнился 14 сентября около 06:03 UTC в точке с координатами 51.867°ю.ш., 129.017°з.д.


Ну вот и отлично, спасибо.


В смысле он же должен был видео вхождения и разрушения заснять, получилось? посмотреть можно?

ЦитатаHTV-3 Abort Caused By Friction With Station Arm
By Amy Svitak
Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

February 25, 2013

Credit: NASA

PARIS and MADRID -- An unplanned abort maneuver performed by the H-II Transfer Vehicle-3 (HTV-3) as it departed the International Space Station (ISS) last September has been traced to friction between the Japanese cargo vessel's grapple fixture and the space station's robotic arm, which nudged the vessel off course during release.

NASA spokesman Joshua Byerly says the HTV-3 abort was caused by an interaction between the grapple fixture on the vehicle and the Space Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) "due to the relative positions of the HTV and the ISS." Byerly says the interaction "created rates on the HTV vehicle that indicated the vehicle would leave its designed departure corridor and thus the vehicle initiated a preplanned abort per our joint safety requirements."

The Sept. 12 abort, which occurred about a minute before HTV-3's planned departure, sent the capsule speeding away from the space station at 1.2 meters (4 ft.) per second, rather than the intended 8 ft. per minute planned during the first in a series of departure burns, according to NASA briefing slides presented by ISS Manager Michael Suffredini to the NASA Advisory Council's human spaceflight and operations committee during a Nov. 14 public meeting.

A spokesman for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said an "unexpected impulse caused by SSRMS was applied during the release and it made HTV take a different trajectory."

The spokesman said it is possible a similar impulse occurred during one or both of the first two HTV missions to the space station but did not trigger an abort maneuver. He said slight variations in the location, attitude and timing of each HTV vessel visiting the station could result in friction with the SSRMS and ultimately lead to a departure abort.

"We think small differences in the hardware spec and operations have an impact on the interface force," he said. "Those differences between the flights are very small, and within requirements, and a combination of them might cause a deviation to HTV's Fault Detection, Isolation & Recovery criteria," resulting in an abort.

By design, Byerly said, the preprogrammed burns do not put the ISS at risk. He also said NASA has assessed other free-flyer spacecraft, "and this issue is not applicable to them."

In addition to HTV, the Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) Dragon cargo capsule and Orbital Sciences Corp.'s Cygnus vessel are designed to berth with the ISS. Developed under NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program, Dragon has already completed two cargo runs to the space station, including the first of 12 planned under a separate $1.6 billion fixed price contract with NASA. Orbital plans to launch Cygnus atop the company's new Antares rocket under COTS later this year.

In the meantime, NASA and JAXA have not set a date for launching HTV-4. According to Suffredini's November briefing slides, the vehicle was scheduled to launch to the ISS in mid-July this year. For now, NASA and JAXA are assessing options for addressing SSRMS interaction with future HTV vehicles. Both JAXA and NASA say the mission is likely to occur this summer, and that NASA's review will be completed in time to support any procedural changes necessary for HTV-4.
"Были когда-то и мы рысаками!!!"


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"Были когда-то и мы рысаками!!!"